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Paint pH Electrodes

Article No. 12878

Water-Based Paint pH Electrode

The Paint pH Electrodes make it easy to attain a pH measurement of paint. High viscosity of paint causes sluggish electrode response and tends to clog the reference junction, because of this electrodes being used in this application require special construction such as a highly sensitive measuring glass and a free flowing reference junction. These refillable electrodes are specifically designed with these attributes.

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  • Glass body pH combination electrode
  • Double junction and refillable
  • Quick response time
  • Annular ceramic reference junction to provide fast flow rate for reference fill solution
  • Water and Oraganic based fill solutions make these electrodes suitable for either water or oil based paint
  • Dimensions: 12mm OD x 150mm long

Delivery Content

Soaker bottle, a 3 foot cable and BNC connector


4.01 pH Buffer Solution 500Ml Red
7.01 pH Buffer Solution 500Ml Green
10.01 pH Buffer Solution 500Ml Blue
Protective Guard For 12mm Electrode
KN03 10% Reference Solution
LiCl 1 Molar Reference Solution
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