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Insta-Chek™ pH Pencils

Article No. 12861

Ph Pencil Instachek 3[Mech] W/Chart

The Insta-Chek pH Pencils are used for determining the pH of any surface. They are more responsive than glass electrodes. They measure the pH of any surface and can detect acid or alkali residues in 15 seconds.

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  • Fits in your  pocket - use it anyplace.
  • Mechanical pH pencils 0-13 has readings from pH 0-13 with fourteen brilliant, easy-to-read color changes.
  • Measure the surface pH of any solid to the nearest pH value.
  • Has a strong, thick wax base for bold pH testing.
  • Writes on almost any surface.

Delivery Content

Contains 3 pencils and 2 color charts

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