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Amine Blush Kit

Article No. 14800

Amine Blush Kit

The TQC Amine Blush Kit is a multi step amine blush indicator. Due to advanced research on suitable media the Amine Blush Kit is the most advanced kit on the market. Based on a double color change, the indicator is the first to implement this multi step color change.

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  • The amine blush test kit works on the apparent visual indication of changes in pH-value

  • Determines if theres is surface ph-value variation

  • Evaluates possibility of contamination of amine blush on a coated surface


  1. Spray the Amine Blush test solution on the surface that needs to be tested.
  2. Watch for color change in the test solution on the surface.
  3. When in doubt apply the visualization paper with the tweezers.
  4. Provides up to 100 tests.

Interpretation of the Results - As with all amine test kits the indication is based on changes in pH-value. Variation of surface pH-value can be caused by multiple factors. On a coated surface the most probable possibility for contamination is Amine Blush. When the coating is exposed to other contamination sources for long periods of time, these can also influence the surface pH-value.

Delivery Content

Hardcase for storage and transport, 50ml Nebulizer bottle, Tweezers, and Set of 100 visualization papers

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