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CHLOR TEST® CSN Salts Test Kit

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Chlor*Test CSN Salts Test Kit

The CHLOR*TEST "CSN Salts is a Chloride, Sulfate, Nitrate Ion test kit for surfaces. It is a revolutionary method for testing salt contamination and is the most accurate field test on the market today. It uses a unique patented extract solution, CHLOR*EXTRACT® to retrieve surface salt contamination which enhances retrieval rates, thereby increasing accuracy. The greater the retrieval rate, the more accurate the test results.


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Most specifications do not address sulfates or nitrates because there has never been a sulfate or nitrate field test kit. Now there is a complete test kit available that tests all three salts. CHLOR*TEST "CSN Salts" offers the specifier the availability of trouble-free performance testings, in the field, for chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates with one extraction.

  • EPA compliant - No need to select a low or high range. Meters range is 0-100ppm with auto ZEROING.
  • Digital direct readings with a large 3-1/2 digital display incorporation low-battery warning for sultfate analysis.
  • European CE Mark of compliance for electromagnetic compatibility and safety.
  • Quantitative results are achieved in minutes. Each kit contains (5) individual tests with new refill kits available.
  • Surface sampling is simplified by use of the patented CHLOR*SLEEVE®. Sampling can be done overhead, vertically, horizontally or any angle with this device.
  • Before first use, overnight charging is recommended
  • Detailed instructions printed on laminated sheet attached to the inside for easy reference in the field.
  • No dangerous hypodermic needles on the job site.
  • Ion specific testing is essential for non-visible contaminant testing.
  • Chlor*Extracts's enhanced surface salt retrieval is essential compared to other approaches utilizing distilled water for conductivity. Distilled water retrieves only half of the surface contaminates. Without a good representative sample, the competition's approach provides uncertainty not knowing if it picked up half or non of the non-visible contaminants for analysis.

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Kit contains (5) individual tests with new refill kits available

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