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PosiTector DPM L - Dew Point Meter Logger

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Positector DPML Dew Point Logger

The PosiTector DPM L is a Dew Point Logging Meter with a magnetic probe that allows you to attach it to steel structures for monitoring climatic conditions. It measures and records climatic conditions including: relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature, difference between surface and dew point temperatures, and wet bulb temperature.

$485.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Attaches to steel structures to measure and record environmental parameters independently for up to 200 days. Stored datasets can be downloaded using a PosiTector Advanced gage body or Apple/Android smart device.
  • Records parameters at user selected intervals from 1 min. to 8 hrs.
  • Environmentally sealed enclosure - weatherproof, dustproof, and shockproof -meets or exceeds IP65
  • Fast response precision sensors provide accurate, repeatable readings
  • Internal memory storage of 10,000 datasets (60,000 readings)
  • Kensington Security Slot for anti-theft protection. Kensington Lock sold separately.
  • Uses common lithium coin cell batteries (CR2032)
  • Every stored dataset is date and time stamped
  • Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST included
  • Conforms to national and international standards including ISO and ASTM
  • Two year warranty
  • For use with the PosiTector App and PosiTector Advanced Gauge
    • Display and record climatic parameters from remote (wireless) PosiTector DPM L probes
    • Automatically download readings once connected via Bluetooth 4.0 Technology (Bluetooth Smart)
    • View live measurement data on screen
    • Alarms indicate when climate conditions exceed user-selectable parameters
    • Smart Trend™ indicators identify rising falling or stable readings
    • Easily create reports and manage data with PosiSoft software

Technical Attributes

  • Data

    Surface Temperature:
    -40° to 80°C±0.5°C0.1°C
    80° to 190°C±1.5°C
    -40° to 175°F±1°F0.1°F
    175° to 375°F±3°F

    Air Temperature:
    -40° to 80°C±0.5°C0.1°C
    -40° to 175°F±1°F0.1°F
    Humidity:0 to 100%±3%0.1%
    Dew Point:-60° to 80°C-76° to 175°F±0.3°C*
    Size:ø50 mm x 38 mm (ø2" w x 1.5" h)
    Weight:50 g (1.8 oz.) without battery
    Operating Range:-10° to 60°C

    10,000 datasets
    @ 5 min interval = 34 days
    @ 10 min interval = 68 days
    Logging Measurement Interval:Adjustable from 1 min - 8 hours
    IP Rating:65
    Battery Life^:@ 5 min interval = 120 days
    @ 1 hour interval = 200 days
    * Dependent on RH
    ^ The stated battery life is for unattended logging. Battery life is reduced while connected to the PosiTector App or instrument.


Conforms to ISO 8502-4, BS 7079-B4, ASTM D3276, IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA7 and US Navy NSI 009-32

Delivery Content

PosiTector DPM L, two CR2032 coin cell batteries, instructions, Long Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST, storage container, and two year warranty


PosiTector DPM L Lock Kit
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