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Corrosion Test Chamber

Article No. 13031

Corrosion Test Chamber, Model SCCH20

  • Corrosion Test Chamber SCCH20
  • 120V, 240V
  • 9.3 ft3 (264 liters) Capacity
  • Inside: 30" x 18" x 30" (76 x 45 x76 cm)
  • Outside (closed lid): 50" x 28" x 48" (62" open) 127 x 72 x122 cm (158 open)

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  • The Corrosion Test Chamber can be used for Salt Fog, CASS, Humidity, Water Fog and many other test methods.
  • They are easy to use and operate, and designed to provide the accuracy and flexibility necessary to meet today's demanding test methods.
  • Double wall, water jacketed design for accurate temperature control and stability.
  • Oven cured, continuous polymer coated interior for maximum durability.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 9.3 cu. ft. to 2,508 cu. ft.
  • Clear acrylic cover allows for full view of test specimens.
  • Opti-Fog™ - Patented fog generation tower with internal baffling per ASTM B117.
  • They perform a wide range of accelerated corrosion tests including, but not limited to: ASTM B117; ASTM B368 (CASS); ASTM D1735; ASTM D2247 1; ISO 9227; DIN 50027; ASTM G85 (A1) (A2) 2 (A3) 2 (A4) 2 (1 Humidity Test Packages for Condensing Humidity Tests - 2 Multi Test Control Package for Static Temperature Cyclic Tests)
  • Saturates incoming air supply with humidity to ensure accurate and stable operation. Low water sensor system for heater protection.
  • Individual temperature controls with selectable °C or °F units
    • Exposure zone dry bulb
    • Exposure zone wet bulb
    • Humidifying tower
      • Precision air regulator assembly
      • 4” Certified Pressure Gauge, 0-30 psi
      • Air flow meter, 0-50 scfh
  • Level-MaticTM or DI-FIll Solution Reservoirs
    • Level-Matic™ - 10-gallon DI water and 24-gallon solution reservoirs with patented Level-Matic™ level control.
    • DI-FIll - Direct connection to existing plant DI water supply, includes 55-gallon solution reservoir with stand.
  • Calibration traceable to NIST
  • Salt Fog Start Up Kit - with (2) 80cm2 condensate collection assemblies, (1) 50lb bag of salt, (1) specific gravity hydrometer, (1) package of five PTFE filter cloths, (2) support racks, (2) support bars, (1) 15-30° specimen tray and (1) operation manual.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Model #SCCH 20SCCH 21SCCH 22
    Capacity9.3 ft3 (264 liters)18 ft3 (510 liters)30 ft3 (850 liters)
    Inside Dimensions
    Exposure Zone Depth
    30" x 18" x 30"
    (76 x 45 x76 cm)
    36" x 24" x 36"
    (92 x 61 x 92 cm)
    48" x 30" x 36"
    (122 x 76 x 92 cm)
    Outside Dimensions
    (cover closed)
    50" x 28" x 48" (62" open)
    127 x 72 x122 cm (158 open)
    56" x 34" x 56" (74" open)
    142 x 86 x142 cm (188 open)
    65" x 36" x 56" (78" open)
    165 x 92 x 145 cm (198 open)
    Exposure Zone:Ambient to 120°F (±3°) / or 50°C (±2°)
    Humidifying Tower:Ambient to 140°F (±3°) / or 60°C (±2°)
    Fog Rate:1-3 ml/hr
    Supply Air Pressure:40-120 psi maximum
    Supply Air Volume:40-50 scfh @ 12-18 psi
    Drain:1/2” NPT
    Exhaust:1-1/4” NPT
    Warranty:Limited one (1) year on materials and workmanship
    Shipment:4 weeks from acceptance of purchase order
    Training:Free Operational training available at our facility in Cleveland, OH. On-site start up and training assistance can be quoted
    Utility Requirements

    SCCH20120V, 240V

    Other Voltages Available
    SCCH21120V, 240V, 480V
    SCCH22240V, 240V-3ph or 480V-3ph
    Compressed Air:SCCH20-22Air Pressure
    Air Volume
    40-120 psi maximum
    40-50 scfh @ 12-18 psi
    City Water:AllShould be made available with the use of a shutoff valve and hose arrangement in the test area near the unit. Up to 100 gallons needed at initial installation / start up
    Deionized Water
    (ASTM D1193 Type IV):
    AllUsed for filling reservoirs and for electrolyte solution makeup (up to 6 gallons per day)
    Exhaust:SCCH20-221” npt
    Drain:All1/2” nptCorrosion resistant piping (ie) PVC

More Information

  • Standard Salt Fog Testing Start Up Package - Includes the necessary collector funnels with graduated cylinders, one 50lb bag of salt, and one specific gravity hydrometer. All items comply with ASTM B117. Also available as individual items (Included with purchase a new salt fog chamber)
  • External Condensate Collection Package - Provides external sampling of fog condensate collection without opening chamber or interrupting test. Complete with two condensation collector assemblies mounted externally on stand and piped to collector funnels mounted in exposure zone.
  • Flanged Access Ports - Allows access to specimens while under test. Industry standard 2", 3", 4", 6", and custom sizes available. Includes a bolted plastic cover to seal the port when not in use.
  • Reverse Cover Opening - Control Panel and Humidifying Tower on left side of cover opening. Ideal for side-by-side placement or units facing each other.
  • Insulated Shell - For operating temperature above 120° F. - 140° F, or SWAAT Testing. Interior protective lining. 1/8" thick semi-hard natural rubber.
  • Ontario Hydro Wiring Package (Canada Only) - Wiring to conform to Ontatio Hydro Wiring Standards.
  • Re-circulating Exhaust Condenser System - System condenses and collects chamber exhaust into a separate 24 gallon reservoir mounted on Level-Matic® stand. System is completely self-contained, no outside vent required.
  • Drain Pump Out System - Convenient drain system when no floor drain is available. Connects chamber drain to an automatic condensate pump with tubing. Waste solution is then pumped to a 45 ga. drum with lid and drain that is mounted on a dolly with casters. Can be easily rolled to the nearest drain to empty.
  • Humidity Test Package - Adds ASTM D2247 and ASTM B380 humidity testing capability.
  • CALgrafix GUI interface Software - Allows connection to a PC for easy reporting and data export

Delivery Content

Operating Manual with Wiring & Plumbing Schematics, 2 Specimen Support Bars per opti fog tower (Extra Available), Test Panel Tray (Extra Available), Start Up Kit (includes: 1-50 lb. bag salt, specific gravity hydrometer, 2-collector funnels with graduates per opti fog tower), Gallon Rust Inhibitor, Dl Water Reservoir, Salt Solution Reservoir with stand, 1-package filter cloths for water jacket, 10 gal. for humidifying tower. 24 gal. solution reservoir. 55 gal. with Direct DI Feed System. Note: SCCH-20-22 includes one Opti Fog Tower.

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