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Parlin Viscosity Cups

Article No. 13752

Parlin Viscosity Cup #2

  • Parlin Cup #2
  • Centistoke Range 117 to 582
  • Download Excel Viscosity Chart HERE

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  • Meets and exceeds ASTM D 1084 method A and Federal Specifications MMM-A-189C
  • Includes Gardco conversion table relating drain time in seconds to viscosity in centistokes
  • Parlin Cup Accuracy ±3%
  • Calibration traceable to NIST standard oils in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC Guide 34, ISO 9001>
  • Calibration and certification procedures qualify under ANSI/NCSL Z540 or ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001 as applicable
  • Dimensions: 1.50" Dia x 3.687", Tall without drip well

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Cup NumberSeconds RangeCentistoke RangeMidrange Sensitivity ¹Calibration Oil Number/ Centistokes ²
    125 to 1107 to 1651.6G-35-P/64
    225 to 120117 to 5824.8G-100-P/270
    ¹ Stated as Centistokes per second of efflux time
    ² Centistoke Values are nominal - actual values printed on labels

More Information

Guide for removing the G-series calibrating oil from Gardco viscosity cups.

Any remaining material in the cup must be removed by flushing with a suitable solvent. Light naphtha, heptane, octane, highly aromatic solvents, and or any other petroleum-derived hydrocarbon solvent can be used. Varsol® is a commercial solvent that works very well for this purpose.

Completely dry the viscosity cup with a lint free cloth. Use a highly volatile solvent for a second cleaning as since any remaining hydrocarbon solvents from the first process will evaporate quickly after the sample has been flushed from the cup. Hypersolve, MEK and Alcohol can be used in aluminum cups and Hypersolve and Alcohol for the stainless steel cups. Acetone is commonly used as the second solvent because of its high volatility and its ability to dissolve traces of petroleum solvents and water.

In the third process a low velocity stream of clean air will be sufficient to evaporate remaining traces of any volatile solvent. Be aware, avoid rapid evaporation of these solvents as this can cool the surface to such an extent that humid air may be brought below the dew point, causing a film of water to form on the cup.

Varsol is a registered trademark of the Exxon Company


Meets and exceeds ASTM D 1084 method A and Federal Specifications MMM-A-189C


  1. Bring the sample to be tested and the Gardco/Parlin viscosity cup to a temperature of 23 ±0.5C (73.4 ±0.9F) (preferably in a constant-temperature room). Then mount the viscosity cup in in a suitable clamp holder for this purpose and place the receiving cylinder in position so that the distance from the Parlin cup base is 8" above the base of a low form graduate. With the outlet of the cup closed by means of the finger, pour the sample into the cup until it is filled to overflowing.
  2. Strike off the excess with a straightedge, and then remove the finger from the outlet and allow the sample to flow into a clean, empty 90-100mL graduated glass receiving cylinder (not supplied). With a stopwatch, determine the number of seconds from the time the finger is removed from the orifice until the top of the meniscus in the receiving cylinder reaches the 50mL mark in the cylinder. Record as the viscosity time of the material.
  3. Note in the case of the high viscosity range #4, formation of air bubbles in the viscosity standard after just one test run makes repeat runs inaccurate unless done at another time. Typically, with heavier bodied liquids, a settling period of 24 hours is necessary for air bubbles to dissipate. With due care, this precaution need not be observed with cups 1, 2 & 3.
  4. Record the number of seconds of efflux time, temperature and the cup number. As an option to the preceding step, refer to the Insta Visc viscosity calculator Insta Visc App or conversion table for the cup to determine the centistoke viscosity for the measured efflux time in seconds and record this value and the measured temperature.


G100P Viscosity Oil w/Cert, 270 cS
G100P Viscosity Oil w/Long Form Cert
Support Stand 2"Rings & Burette Clamp
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