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Cuptimer 243 USB Flow Timer

Article No. 14673

Cuptimer Flow Time Measuring Instrument

The CUPTIMER 243 USB is a flow time measuring instrument with USB interface for data storing. It is an opto-electronic measuring instrument for exact determination of the flow time by using standardized flow cups, for viscosity measurements. It is great testing equipment for quality management.

$3,995.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • This opto-electronic measuring instrument offers a number of advantages to the user.
  • Automatic measuring sequence with optical detection of the stream of sample.
  • Flow times up to 1000 s can be read off from the LC display with a resolution up to 0.01 s.
  • Equally suitable for all liquids (transparent calibration oils and opaque lacquers).
  • Practical temperature adjustment: Temperature jacket removable from the basic unit; with adaptors for different shapes of flow cups.
  • Easy to handle: One-button-operation.
  • Designed as a mobile measuring station: sturdy, compact stand construction mounted on an adjustable base; plug-type tube connections; operated via plug-in supply unit.
  • USB interface for storing the flow times on PC
  • Power supply by USB interface, by choice also with plug-in supply unit
  • Supplied with a Manufacturer's Certificate M in accordance with DIN 55 350-18 that includes among others the following information: Result of the function test, accuracy of the time measuring device, product identification, test equipments used with calibration status, date, name of inspector. Start and stop function are checked by transparent and opaque material. The accuracy of the time measuring device is determined by means of a digital radio controlled clock.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Dimensions (basic unit):Height 310 mm, Width 200 mm, Depth 280 mm
    Weight, net (basic unit):approx. 3 kg
    USB Power Supply / Plug-in Supply Unit:Primary Current:100-230 V AC
    Secondary Current:5 V DC, 500 mA
    Power Consumption:approx. 0.8 VA
    LC Display:4 digits, with automatic switch over between the ranges 99.99 s/ 999.9 s

Delivery Content

USB plug-in supply unit, Spherical level, Adaptors for DIN, ASTM and ISO flow cups (also suitable for AFNOR cups), Glass plate 75 x 110 mm, Temperature jacket, Filling support stand (including 10 rubber caps to close the nozzle), Manufacturer Test Certificate, and Operating instructions

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