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QNix® 9500 Coating Thickness Gauges

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QNix 9500 Premium DFT, no probe

  • QNix Premium Dry Film Thickness Gauge
  • Total Memory 1,000,000

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The QNix® 9500 is a coating thickness gauge used to measure the thickness of paint or coatings on metal. It has its merits especially in heavy corrosion protection in industrial and subcontracted coating, as well as for refining surface finishing. Regardless of whether standards have to be met or specifications have to be checked e.g. of incoming or outgoing goods, or in the internal process of quality control, the newly developed software of the QNix® 9500 manages documents and reports simply and individually as never before.

  • High measuring trueness over the entire range
  • Very high repeatability of measured results
  • Temperature compensation directly in the sensor
  • Precise measurements even on curvatures and small parts
  • Easy adjustment on rough, smooth or curved substrates
  • Fibreglass reinforced, 5 piece casing with IP65 dust and splash water protection
  • Three layer protection to absorb shocks
  • LCD glass providing resistance against scratches and chemicals (Level H6)
  • Operational temperature from -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Stainless steel probe with dust protection membrane (IP65)
  • Direct feedback from limit indicator in display and RGB-LED on the probe
  • Luminosity IPS-LCD24°, color, 600 lm, reading angle 70°
  • Optimal readability of display even in direct sunlight, brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually
  • Large haptic keypad and low center of gravity
  • Flip display 0°, 90°, 180°, 170°
  • Gauge body suitable for Fe-, NFe- and dual-probes (probes sold separately)
  • Increased readiness for use by quick change of probes (probes sold separately)
  • Fast adaption to different measuring tasks
  • Intuitive menu guidance for the gauge and software, report by 3 clicks
  • Freely assignable key for individual fast access
  • Pre-configured standards
  • Secure and intelligent documentation through structured measurement data storage
  • Simple creation of jobs and areas for storing measurement data according to batch, component, job number, measurement range, vehicle or vehicle part
  • Simple and fast creation of documentation and reports

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Electrical Details
    Power Supply:2 x AA (batteries or rechargeable batteries) or via USB
    Power System Clock:CR1220
    Battery Life When Device is not in use at Min. 50% Battery Capacity:> 1 year
    Battery Life at One Measurement per Second:up to 60,000 readings
    Battery Life of Clock:> 2 years
    Display:IPS-LCD, 2.4", colour, 600 lm (550 cd/m2), viewing angle 70° all directions
    Mechanical Details
    Material Housing Parts Hard:*PA12 GF30
    Material Housing Parts Soft:*TPE
    Material Sensor Holder: (transparent)*Trogamid®
    Dimensions (H x W x D):155 x 65 x 44 mm
    Weight:175 g
    Robustness / External Conditions:classification
    IP Protection:IP65
    Operating Temperature:-20 °C to +70 °C
    Storage Temperature:-20 °C to +70 °C
    Measurement Range
    QNix® 9500 with Integrated Probe, optional:Fe: 1.25 mm 3 mm
    dual Fe/NFe: 1.25 mm / 1.25 mm 3 mm / 3 mm
    QNix® 9500 with Modular Probe, optional:Fe: 1,25 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm
    NFe: 3 mm, 5 mm
    dual Fe/NFe: 1.25 mm / 1.25 mm, 3 mm / 3 mm, 5 mm / 3 mm, 5 mm / 5 mm
    * Clean with a damp cloth, is chemically resistant against acetone (except soft rubber parts e.g. keyboards or rubber protective frame), nitro dilution and ethanol.
    Color LCD:
    Adjustable Display Resolution:
    Flip Display 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° Automatic or Manual:
    Automatic Brightness Adjustment:
    Manual Brightness Adjustment:
    Acoustic Measuring Confirmation, Adjustable Sound:
    Change µm/mil:
    Battery Replacement Without Loss of Settings, Date and Time:
    Shows Live Statistics as Values:
    Shows Statistics as a Graphic:
    Live Measuring (Measurement Shown on PC):
    Assign Hotkey:Fix Start Just
    Accurate Measurement (Delayed Measurement When Placed on Surface):-
    Activate Measurement with Button (Adjustable):-
    Pin Protection:-
    Automatic Substrate Switch:
    Manual Substrate Switch:
    Combined Measuring (Fe and NFe Coating with One Measurement):-
    Measuring Speed:≥ 120
    Continuous Measuring Mode:-
    Robust, Fibre Reinforced 5 Piece Casing:
    IP Class:IP65
    Operation Temperature:-20 °C to 70 °C
    Individual (Adjustment Freely Configurable):-
    Adjustment Memory in Device (10 Adjustments):-
    ISO 19840 Zero Offset:--
    ISO 19840 2-point:--
    SSPC PA2 Zero Offset:--
    SSPC PA2 2-point:--
    Switch from Area to Area:-
    Copy Settings of Jobs/Areas:-
    Areas per Job:1100100
    Spots per Area:10,000
    Total Memory:10,0001,000,0002,000,000
    Adjustable Limits:
    Pass/fail Warning of Limit Value with LED:
    Define Limits for Each Area:-
    Switching Areas Automatically:-
    ISO 19840:--
    SSPC PA2 (80/120) (level 1-5):--
    IMO PSPC (90/10):--
    QNix® 9500 Probes
    Status Display with RGB-LED on the Probe:yes
    Limit Display with RGB-LEDs on the Probe:yes
    Measuring Principle:magnetic: magnetic field amendment / hall-effect Fe / whirl current NFe
    Standards:DIN EN ISO 2808, DIN 50981, DIN 50984, ISO 2178, BS 5411 (3 & 11), BS 3900-C5, ASTM B 499, ISO 2360, ASTM D 1400, ASTM D 1186, ASTM D 7091
    Measuring Range:depending on the probe
    Measuring Speed (Measurements per Minute):≥ 120
    Accuracy of Measurement** on Fe Substrates Related to
    QNix® Reference Standards:
    ± (1 µm + 2 % of the reading) to 2.0 mm
    ± 3 % of the reading from 2.0 mm
    Accuracy of Measurement** on NFe Substrates Related to
    QNix® Reference Standards:
    ± (2 µm + 2 % of the reading) to 2.0 mm
    ± 3 % of the reading from 2.0 mm
    Smallest Measuring Surface Fe / NFe:Diameter 14.5 mm
    Smallest Curvature Konvex Fe:4 mm - Zero adjustment and 250 µm adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm) 6 mm - Zero point adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm)
    Smallest Curvature Konvex NFe:30 mm - Zero adjustment and 250 µm adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm) 50 mm - Zero point adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm)
    Minimum Thickness of Base Metal Fe:25 µm - Zero adjustment and 250 µm adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm) 100 µm - Zero point adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm)
    Minimum Thickness of Base Metal NFe:20 µm - Zero adjustment and 250 µm adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm) 50 µm - Zero point adjustment on original substrate (accuracy checked up to 250 µm)
    Mechanical Properties
    Material Casing Top:*Stainless steel V4A (1.4305)
    Material Casing Bottom:*Trogamid®
    Material Measuring Tip:*Ruby, polished (Al203)
    Dimensions (Height, Diameter):34.5 mm, 14.5 mm
    Weight:11.9 g
    Robustness / Environmental Conditions
    IP Protection:IP65
    Operating Temperature:-20 °C to +70 °C
    Storage Temperature:-20 °C to +70 °C
    Max. Surface Temperature:80 °C
    Max. Surface Temperature at 1s Measuring Time every 20s:100 °C
    * Clean with a damp cloth; is chemically resistant against acetone (except soft rubber parts e.g. keyboards or rubber protective frame), nitro dilution and ethanol
    ** An accurate measurement can vary when external temperature is below -5 °C or above 65 °C, but not more than factor 2.

More Information

QNix® 9500 Probes

The QNix® 9500 probes have been completely redesigned, the new standard probe is small and highly robust. There are Fe-, NFe- and dual probes available. The integrated led limit value indicator recognizes every variation without having to look at the hand-held unit. The coating thickness gauge QNix® 9500 is available with an integrated probe, as well as a modular version for interchangeable probe:

  • Stainless steel probe with a protective membrane, IP65 dust and water protection
  • Resistant probe head with polished ruby
  • Chemically resistant material, to clean with solvents (acetone, nitro dilution, ethanol)
  • LED-limit indicator on the probe tip
  • Probe adaptor cable made of drag chain compatible PUR

There is a digital copy of the last calibration certificate saved in each probe, which can be integrated into a report via PC software. All interchangeable standard probes of the QNix® 9500 are also compatible with the new QNix® 5500, thus ensuring a cross-model flexibility.


QNix® 9500 PC Software

Software can only be powerful if users can intuitively integrate it into their workflow.

Intuitive Operation - When developing the QNix® 9500 PC software, the focus was on the design of the graphical user interface - easy to understand and quick to apply. Many consultations were held in advance with users from a wide range of industries in order to find out what requirements have to be met by the PC software. The result is a software that is intuitive to use, where you can find your way quickly, that saves time and optimizes the procedure.

Configure from your pc - The QNix® 9500 software is completely browser-based and requires no software installation, so it is independent of the current version of Windows. The operating logic of the entirely redeveloped PC software of the QNix® 9500 has also been applied in the user interface of the Qnix® 9500 gauge. All configurations that are made on the gauge can also be set up using the PC software.

Three clicks to the report - Thanks to the integrated powerful statistical functions you can evaluate your measurements with just three clicks and document them. By preconfigurated and freely positionable text, table and graphic modules you can create professional report templates using drag-and-drop. Logos and photos of the object being measured and the last certificate of calibration can be integrated into the report without any effort.

A report documents the results of the survey and increases its credibility.



Industrial Coating - job coater - wet or powder coating. Single, series or random sampling. More Efficiency - The quality requirements for coatings in terms of appearance, lifetime and reliability are constantly increasing with increasing pressure on saving costs. Efficiency is therefore essential for the coating process, quality assurance and order-related documentation. The QNix® 9500 gives optimum support by setups that can be saved as templates. Configure limits and adjustments in advance on the PC or device. Create folder structures for your readings per production lot or component or activate different templates at any time. The pre-configurable reports of the QNix® 9500 bring transparency and can be individually customized to the client’s needs. Or you use one of the standard templates to generate a report by three clicks. This can be supplemented, for example, with the certificate of the last calibration stored in the probe.

Surface Finishing - electroplating - anodizing. Quality control with the QNix® 9500. High Precision - Functional coatings achieve defined surface properties for corrosion and wear protection, e.g. in the automotive sector or mechanical engineering. Here, quality assurance is of particular importance, because the layers are very thin and the tolerance range is comparatively small. The QNix® 9500 has simple adjusting features that ensure accurate measurement results on different substrate properties or component geometries. Save your adjustments for different applications for quick changes to previous adjustments. Various measurement triggering options (press key on device when measuring on a tripod or delayed measurements) support you just as much with measurements on complex geometries, as well as small diameter and the low overall height of the standard QNix® P3 probe.

Vehicle Inspection by automobile experts and trades Quick and easy - Today, professional vehicle evaluations are only possible by the aid of coating thickness gauges, e.g. for professional accident reports or value reports, for leasing returns, for the purchase of used cars and for the inspection and documentation of body and paint work. With the QN9 software you can quickly and easily create templates for different body shapes that you save on the gauge. Generate new jobs (inspection plan for a vehicle) from your stored template with just three clicks on the gauge. Create report templates for the test report, add photos or comments to the report, or generate your standard report with just three clicks once connected to the PC. Automatic alignment of the display, brightness adaptation, large foot and low centre of gravity, the device facilitates fast and precise work.

Heavy Corrosion Protection. Ergonomics for continuous use in rough environments. Extremely Robust - For the execution and monitoring of coating process in heavy corrosion protection, system procedures and complete documentation is often required. In almost no application are there so many requirements, standards and guidelines. The requirements for man, machine and device are extremely high. When developing the QNix® 9500, huge importance was attached to robustness and ergonomics. The fibreglass reinforced three-layer plastic casing, which ensures shock absorption from external impact, display and electronics as well as the drag chain cable suited to the industrial standards, meet these requirements, even in case of the cable having to be replaced. Extensive preconfigured parameters support you setting limits and adjusting standards (e.g. ISO 19840, SSPC PA2, IMO SSPC). Readings above or below the limits are indicated acoustically by a beep, visually by a distinct colour change in the display, as well as by a RGB LED in the probe tip. Thus, you can fully concentrate on the areas to be measured. The high measuring speed of up to two measurements per second ensures fast processing in case of large components. The simple and intuitive menu almost eliminates the need for training.

Delivery Content

Handheld QNix® 9500, PC software QN9, Fe- and NFe-reference plate and two test foils, Test certificate (only with integrated measuring probe), Operation manual, USB cable, 2 Mignon batteries 1.5 V (AA) alkaline, and Plastic case for transport and storage

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