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Crash Check Coating Thickness Gauge

Article No. 11040

Crash Check Mil Gauge Auto Body

The Crash Check is a coating thickness gauge with quick on the draw spot checking capabilities. It's the ideal car body checker when buying a car to make sure that you are not buying one with concealed accident or rust damage. 

$138.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Patented, and no other product like it on the market

  • Sophisticated Hall Sensor technique yet easy to use

  • Graphic Multi-color LED indicators

  • Checks area for original paint, concealed Bondo, concealed rust, and if panels have a paint blend

  • Great for New Car Dealership's, Body Shop Managers, Used Car Department Managers, Collision Estimators, Insurance Adjusters, Car Enthusiasts, Appraisers

  • Those who have to repair damages caused by an accident, or hidden rust, have to apply thick layers of paint or body filler. The electronic-magnetic sensor in Crash Check quickly detects whether the coating on the sheet-steel body is thicker than it was in the original state. This way you can detect efforts to cover suspicious sections.


  1. Place the Crash Check on the surface of the body and press the test button. The electromagnetic sensor shows you coating and subsurface condition at a glance.
    • Green indicates the paint is of normal thickness
    • Yellow indicates the paint is thicker than usual
    • Red indicates a warning, sever irregularities in the car body, body filler, accident or rusts.
  2. Gauges for North America are set to go from Green to Yellow at the 5 mil mark. The Yellow to Red threshold is at the 17 mil mark. Tolerance for this gage is ±1 mil (0.001”).
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