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Thermometer Stirring Stix

Article No. 13346

Teflon Coated Glass Thermometer 4.5"

The Thermometer Stirring Stix are safe, spirit filled, easy-to-clean thermometers. They are ruggedized with Teflon® to allow for stirring without the worry of breaking.

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  • Filled with blue spirit, hydrocarbon

  • Easy to see with white background color

  • Comes with Certificate of Conformance Traceable to NIST

  • Thermometers with and without Teflon® coating for total encapsulation of glass and liquid available

  • Available in two scales:

    • Dual Scale, Long Thermometer is approximately 3/8" in diameter and ideal for general purpose use, with looped end for lanyard attachment.

    • Single Scale, Short Thermometer is approximately 1/4" in diameter and ideal for viscosity use

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Style:Dual Scale, LongSingle Scale, Short
    (with Teflon® )1334813346
    (without Teflon® )1334913347
    Range:-5 to 230°F & -20 to 110°C20 to 30°C
    Total Length - Approx.:12" (380mm) ±.2" (±5mm)4.5" (115mm) ±.08" (±2mm)
    Immersion:3" (76mm)Total (To temperature point)
    Stem Diameter:0.310" (9mm)0.25" (6 to 7mm)
    Subdivisions:2°F & 1°C0.1°C
    Accuracy:±2°F & ±1°C0.1°C
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