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Spotcheck® Direct Contact Surface Thermometers

Article No. 13416

Thermometer Mag/Spring, 10-160°C

  • Spotcheck Surface Thermometer
  • With Magnet and Leaf Spring
  • 10-106ºC

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  • PTC®'s Spot-Check® Series of thermometers feature outstanding response and sensitivity. 
  • These instruments can be used to quickly check surface temperatures or can be permanently mounted.  
  • Their extremely low thermal mass and weight (1/2 ounce), along with a unique design, assure intimate thermal contact and a very rapid readout.
  • Great for permanent mounting on hot plates, griddles, furnaces, annealing and curing ovens, weld preheats, motors, generators, engines, bearings, etc.
  • PTC® Quality - Made in the U.S.A.
  • All Spot Check® thermometers come with a spring lifter knob to enable the user to safely remove the instrument from a heated surface. The knob is threaded and attaches to the center post of the thermometer.
  • Units Come to Temperature in Less Than One Minute
  • Available in either Fahrenheit or Celsius models
  • They come in several temperature ranges, covering a total span of 0° to 1000°F (0°C to 525°C).
  • Accuracy of ±2% of Full Scale Range
  • NIST Certification Available
  • Every Unit Individually Calibrated

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Accuracy:± 2% of full scale range
    Weight:1/2 oz. (14 g)
    Shipping Weight:1 lb. (454 g)
    Diameter:1-3/4 in. (4.4 cm)
    Height:1/2 in. (1.3 cm)
    13417:50°F to 320°F (Basic Thermometer)
    13418:10°C to 260°C (Basic Thermometer)
    13416:10°C to 160°C (Thermometer with Magnet and Leaf Spring)
    13419:10°C to 260°C (Thermometer with Magnet and Leaf Spring)
    13420:50°F to 500°F (Max-Min Pointers Thermometer with Magnet and Leaf Spring)
    13421:0°C to 525°C (Max-Min Pointers Thermometer with Magnet and Leaf Spring)


The bimetallic coil rests directly upon the surface to be measured. In response to temperature, the sensor expands or contracts, thus causing the dial itself to rotate. The temperature of the surface is indicated by means of the hook-like pointer above the dial.

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