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Railroad Magnet Surface Thermometers

Article No. 13394

Rail Magnet Thermometer, 0-500°F

  • Railroad Magnetic Thermometer
  • Model 313FRR
  • 0-500ºF

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  • The PTC® Industrial Railroad Thermometers are designed to measure surface temperatures for continuous welded or jointed rails.
  • These thermometers meet the criteria for the AREMA specification on track maintenance.
  • 4-Magnet Base for Superior Holding Power
  • Accuracy of ±2% of Full Scale Range
  • NIST Certification Available
  • Every Unit Individually Calibrated
  • Reliable Bimetallic Sensor
  • Surface temperature measurement for rail fabrication; weld preheats; foundry boxes; annealing ovens and furnaces; motors, generators, engines and bearings; dies and molds; platens, hot plates and griddles; boilers, tanks and drums; or any application where a surface temperature needs to be monitored.
  • Ancillary Hand (Model FRRM)
  • The Railroad Thermometer features alnico magnets that act as the base for the instrument. The Models 315 and 350 have a plastic cover and an easy to read red indicating pointer. Optional single or max-min ancillary hands are available for these thermometers. The bimetallic sensing element is enclosed to protect it from dirt and other contaminants but comes in close contact with the heated surface for rapid response. PTC® Industrial Rail Surface Thermometers are made in the U.S.A.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No.:1339414523
    Range:0°F to 500°F-20°F to +160°F
    Accuracy:± 2% of full scale range
    Diameter:2 in. (5.1 cm)
    Height:1/2 in. (1.3 cm)
    Weight:1-1/2 oz. (43 g)2 oz. (57 g)
    Shipping Weight:1 lb. (454 g)
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