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Infrared Food Safety Thermometer

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Infrared Food Safety Thermometer

The Infrared Food Safety Thermometer (I.R.F.S. ) is the next generation food safety meter. It has a high quality lens and optical arrangement, 11:1 optics mean the I.R.F.S. reads a smaller spot diameter at a greater distance.

$105.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • High Quality 11:1 optics
  • Bright laser pointer
  • Point and Shoot simplicity
  • Max temp and reading hold features
  • Handy button for switching from °C to °F

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measuring Range:-76°F to 932°F, -60°C to 500°C
    Accuracy:Tobj = 15-35°C: ±1°C, Full Range: ±2%, 2°C
    Repeatability:0.15°C at 25°C, 0.75°C at 80°C
    Resolution:0.1° from -9.9 to 199.9, 1° beyond
    Units:Switchable C or F
    Emissivity:Fixed at 0.97
    Response Time:1 Second
    Distance/Target Ratio:11:1 (1” target diameter at 11” distance)
    Ambient Operating Range:32°F to 122°F, 0°C to 50°C
    Battery:2x AAA, included


  1. To operate, just pull the trigger and point the laser at your subject.
  2. The display updates instantly and locks the reading when you release the trigger.
  3. The Max function records the highest temp during the scan. No complicated buttons or settings.
  4. Emissivity is preset to 0.97 for more accurate general use in food and frozen food applications.
  5. Other than the “On” trigger, the only other button is the °C/°F button which is in a handy spot on the display panel. No more digging inside the handle to change scales.
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