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ASTM Thermometers

Article No. 13314

ASTM 1C Thermometer

These glass ASTM Thermometers meet strict tolerances for specific applications. Manufactured in accordance with specifications of the American Society for Testing and Material. Strict manufacturing procedures and quality controls insure full compliance to ASTM E-1. Fahrenheit and Celsius versions available.

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  • Meets strict tolerances
  • Mercury-glass thermometers conform to ASTM Standards E-1
  • Certified Thermometers available - Certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius versions available
  • The sale or shipment of Mercury Thermometers are banned in some states. Please check your state laws with regard to this ban.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Item No.ASTM No.IP No.DivisionsRange
    133141C-1.0°C-20 to 150°C
    133161F-2.0°F0 to 302°F
    133172C62C1.0°C-5 to 300°C
    133182F62F2.0°F20 to 580°F
    133193C73C1.0°C-5 to 400°C
    133224F-1.0°F30 to 220°F
    133249F15F1.0°F20 to 230°F
    1332510F16F5.0°F200 to 700°F
    1332715C60C0.2°C-2 to 80°C
    1332815F-0.5°F30 to 180°F
    1333016C61C0.5°C30 to 200°C
    1333117C-0.1°C19 to 27°C
    1333317F-0.2°F66 to 80°F
    1333531F32F1.0°F-30 to120°F
    1333645C32C0.05°C23.6 to 26.4°C
    1333849C-0.2°C20 to 70°C
    1334054C18C0.2°C20 to 100°C
    1334154F18F0.5°F68 to 213°F
    1334259F-1.0°F0 to 180°F
    13344‡64C-0.1°C25 to 55°C
    ‡ Graduated at 32°F or 0°C for ice-point determination
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