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Bransonic® Ultrasonic Baths

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CPX2800H Ultrasonic Bath 1/4 Gallon

The Bransonic Ultrasonic heated baths are the most technologically advanced ultrasonic baths available. They are in use worldwide, providing simple, effective results for the ultimate in ultrasonic cleaning. They can be set for either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and the sweep frequency eliminates standing waves and creates consistent cavitation throughout the tank.

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  • High-temp safety alarm indicator for protection from unit overheating
  • They can be heated up to 69°C/156.2°F and set for either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • They feature 40 kHz rugged industrial transducers
  • Temperature calibration is user accessible through front panel
  • Controls are located above and behind the cleaning tank in an easily accessible control tower panel, and raised above the tank to avoid damage from cleaning solutions.
  • Convenient built-in pour drains are featured on .5 and .75 gallon models.
  • Tank drains with valves are incorporated on models 1.5 gallon and larger.
  • Plastic body, chemical-resistant.
  • All Units also available in 230V
  • Covers are included with all Bransonic cleaners
  • The degassing period can be set up to 99 minutes. Extended degas time periods allow for "beyond cleaning" applications such as sample preparation, which includes degassing liquids, mixing and homogenization, dissolving solids, cell lysing and dispersion of particles.
  • Ultrasonic power tracking: control circuitry actively tracks the operating frequency of the bath and immediately brings the tank's frequency back to its optimum point. What this means to the end user is that the bath will always deliver the same ultrasonic power without depending on the operator to make adjustments. They delivers unwavering cavitation, steady activity in the bath, even when the load conditions change.
  • Completely programmable. Once the process is entered into the controller, the end user only has to start the program and they are free to leave the unit on its own to do the job. The programmable process allows the process engineer to choose the temperature set point at which the degassing and ultrasonic time periods are triggered to begin. Once the ultrasonic run time period is reached, the unit shuts off, delivering the same results - every time. Automatic ultrasonic activation: When the process temperature reaches the programmable set point, the ultrasonic cycle begins. This includes selectable times for both degas and ultrasonic processing.
  • When cleaning delicate parts, allows the user to lower the amplitude of the acoustic energy in the bath: 100% power to the tank for normal applications, 70% power for delicate applications. Manipulating the output waveform in this manner greatly helps to avoid damage to the components in the bath during the ultrasonic process.
  • Has a sleep mode, an energy-saving green feature. When the cycle is complete and no control keys are touched for 15 minutes, the unit goes into sleep mode. Touching any key on the controller causes the unit to come back on.
  • Applications include:
    • Laboratory - Thoroughly removes blood, protein and contaminants on tools such as glassware, lenses, instruments and precision components.
    • Medical and Dental Labs:Offers a safer, more consistent way to clean dental and medical instruments in combination with sterilization.
    • Industry: Deep cleans to remove dirt, grease, waves, and oils from industrial parts and components of all kinds, including steel, light and nonferrous metals, plastic and glass.
    • Electronics: Completely removes flux and contaminants from such precision components as PC boards, SMDs, quartz crystals, capacitors and many others.
    • Jewelry: Thoroughly cleans and restores brilliance to watches, chains and charms, settings, coins, fine jewelry and clockworks.
    • Optical: Ensures precision cleaning of optics.

More Information

Cleaning Bath Accessories: Bransonic mesh baskets are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your Bransonic baths. It is important that parts do not rest on the bottom of the bath, as it can inhibit the ultrasonic activity and possibly damage the unit. Mesh baskets give you the option of direct or indirect cleaning. All models come with covers to allow the cleaning bath to heat up more quickly. The direct cleaning method suspends parts using a perforated tray, mesh basket, or a support rack and permits sound waves to penetrate directly to the parts.

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13501 - Model CPX2800H 120 Volt Ultrasonic Bath with Digital Timer, Heater & Degas, & Temp Monitor, 3/4 gallon capacity tank

13502 - Model CPX3800H 120 Volt Ultrasonic Bath with Digital Timer, Heater & Degas, & Temp Monitor, 1-1/2 gallons capacity tank

14453 - Model CPX1800H 120 Volt Ultrasonic Bath with Digital Timer, Heater & Degas, & Temp Monitor, 1/2 gallon capacity tank

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