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DuNouy Tensiometers

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DuNouy Interfacial Tensiometer

  • Interfacial DuNouy Tensionmeter (dual direction model)
  • Provides precise reading of both surface and interfacial tensions by the ring method to values reproducible within ±0.05 dyne/cm.
  • Graduated dial reads in both directions from zero and a double vernier is provided.
  • Two scales and corresponding verniers have graduations and figures of different colors to indicate whether the measured force is upward or downward.
  • The 6cm ring and its supporting frame are made of platinum-iridium wire and welded.

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  • The DuNouy Tensiometers are proven instruments for measuring surface tension quickly, in 15-30 seconds.
  • They are ideal for checking liquids, including oils, detergents, serums, colloidal suspensions, chemicals and other products.
  • Ring method allows readings to be made in 15-30 secs. (Ideal for colloidal suspensions which exhibit rapid changes in surface tension.)
  • Specified for determining interfacial tension of oil against water by the ring method in ASTM Method D971 and solutions of surface-active agents in ASTM Method D1331.
  • Specified for testing synthetic rubber lattices in ASTM Method D1417 and determining the surface tension of industrial water and industrial wastewater in ASTM Method D1590.
  • Circular scale is graduated in dynes/cm eliminating the need for mathematical calculations.
  • Improved technique allows accurate readings to be reproduced within ±0.05 dyne/cm.
  • Compact unit is portable and comes with a carrying case for easy transport.
  • Unit is stable and mounted on a cast tripod support with convenient leveling screws.
  • Surface and interfacial tension measurements are extremely important in the control and improvement of: Absorption, cataphoresis, emulsification, osmotic, ressure, condensation, evaporation, miscibility, solubility


ASTM Method D971, D1331, D1417, D1590

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Unit comes completely assembled with torsion wire, 6cm ring and is supplied with metal case and operating instructions


Torsion Wire, Precision Tensiometer, 3pk
Tensiometer Ring, Precision, 6cm
Torsion Wire Interfacial Tensiometer 3pk
Tensiometer Ring, Interfacial, 6cm
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