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Moisture Analyzers

Article No. 10825

Moisture Balance 51g x.002g

  • MF-50 Moisture Balance
  • 51g x .002g
  • Data Memeory Function: 100
  • 20 Memory Sets

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  • These Moisture Analyzers feature fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter.

  • They have a glass window for heating check and easy cleaning, and also have a clear and easy-to-see VFD display.

  • WinCT-Moisture Software (standard with MX, option with MF) displays a real-time graph of moisture content rate change

  • Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate is provided as a stable moisture content for accuracy checks of the analyzer

  • Measurement Programs: Standard - Automatic - Timer - ManualQuick

  • Self-check function

  • Quick Reference Card

  • Standard bi-directional RS-232C

  • Conformity to GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO with time/date, ID, calibration data and check record outputs

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No.:1082510827
    Measurement Method:400 Watt straight halogen lamp heating system with SRA filter
    and SHS weighing technology
    Max. Sample Weight Capacity:51 g
    Weight Resolution:0.001 g0.002 g
    Moisture Content Display:0.01 / 0.1%0.05 / 0.1/1%
    Moisture Content Accuracy:over 1g0.10%0.20%
    over 5g0.02%0.05%
    Heating Technology:Halogen lamp (straight type, 400 Watt max, 5000 hours)
    Drying Temperature:50 - 200°C (1° increment)
    Measurement Program Memories:20 sets10 sets
    Data Memory Function:10050
    Measurement Programs:Standard / Automatic / Quick / Timer / Manual
    Measurement Modes:Moisture content (wet or dry base) / Dry content / Ratio / Weight
    Heating Mode:Standard / Quick / Step / Ramp
    Display Type:Large VFD
    Interface:RS-232C standard
    Communication Software:WinCT-Moisture standardWinCT standard
    Operating Temperature:5—40°C / 40—104°F (less than 85%RH)
    GLP / GMP / ISO:Available
    Self Check Function:Standard
    Sample Pan Size:Ø85 mm / 2.16”
    Power:AC 100V to 120V (3A) or AC 200V to 240V (1.5A), 50/60 Hz, Approx. 400W
    Physical Dimensions/Weight:8.46”(W) x 12.6”(D) x 6.8”(H) / approx. 13 lb
    215mm(W) x 320mm(D) x 173mm(H)
    110 consecutive measurements on white tile, 2average on 12 BCRA II tiles

Delivery Content

20 sample pans, 2 pan handles, tweezers, spoon, test sample (30g of sodium tartrate dihydrate), display cover, dust cover, Instruction manual, quick reference card, power cable, 2 fuses, CD-Rom WinCT for MF-50

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