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FX-i Series Balances

Article No. 10818

A&D FX-1200i Balance 1220g X 0.01g

  • FX-1200i Balance
  • 1220g x 0.01g

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  • The FX-i Series Balances incorporate the reduced size compact Super-Hybrid Sensor (SHS), which continues to provide quick (one second) readings with high precision.
  • The new Statistical Calculation Function (SCF) provides statistical data display or output of weighed samples.
  • Response Indicator Function - Selectable FAST, MID or SLOW response to suit weighing environment conditions
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement - The ACAI counting function recalculates the average unit weight each time a sample is added to eliminate errors caused by variations in unit weight
  • Percent Mode Function - A sample can be registered as 100% and the weight or another sample can be compared as a percentage.
  • Animal Weighing Function - The HOLD function enables freezing of weighing data for animal weighing applications and an ANIMAL indicator appears on the display.
  • Underhook - The underhook, for hanging applications, allows for measurement of magnetic materials and density measurements in air and water
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant - In accordance with GLP and LIMS regulations, the balance ID number and calibration data can be printed out using A&D’s AD-8121B or a PC
  • Standard RS-232C Interface - Incorporates bi-directional communication with a PC, printer or other peripheral devices
  • Multiple Weighing Units of Measurement - Programmable or standard weighing units of measurement can be selected; g, pcs, %, oz, lb, L oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tl tol, mes and MLT
  • Auto Power OFF Function - The display switches OFF automatically when the balance is inactive for 10 minutes as a power-saving tool
  • Comparator Function - Easy to compare weighing results by setting HI limit and LO limit to display HI, OK, LO indicator
  • Auto Power ON Function - The weighing mode display activates automatically with AC power so there is no need to press the ON/OFF key
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery (FXi-09)* - An optional Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack can be fitted into the FX-i series for use without AC power and for mobile applications *Not IP65 compliant when used with FX-iWP

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Part No.:108201081810819
    Weighing Capacity:320g1220g3200g
    Minimum Weighing Value:0.001g0.01g
    Counting ModeMin Unit Mass:0.001g0.01g
    # of Samples:5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
    Percent ModeMin 100% Ref Mass:0.001g1.00g
    Min 100% Display:0.01%, 0.1%, 1% (depends on the reference mass stored)
    Repeatability (Standard Deviation):0.001g0.01g
    Stabilization Time (set at FAST):Approx. 1 second
    Sensitivity Drift (10°C to 30°C):±2ppm / °C
    Operating Temperature:5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F), 85%RH or less (no condensation)
    Display Type:Vacuum Fluorescent Display (FVD)
    Display Refresh Rate:5 times / second, 10 times / second or 20 times / second
    Standard Serial Interface:RS-232C Interface
    Weighing Pan (Diameter) :130mm150mm
    External Calibration Mass:300g
    AC Adaptor:Confirm that the adaptor type is correct for the local voltage and power receptacle
    Power Consumption:Approx. 11VA (supplied to the AC adaptor)
    External Dimensions:193 (W) x 262.5 (D) x 85.5 (H) mm
    Net Weight:FX- Approx. 2.5kg / FX-iWP Approx. 2.7kg
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