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Sprayability / Paint Test Meter

Article No. 13068

Paint Test Meter, Leads

  • Can determine whether material can be electrostatically sprayed or whether the need to be treated with sensitizer solutions to make it conductive.
  • Measuring the surface resistance of materials normally considered to be electrically non conductive and indicating the degree of sprayability on a standard scale
  • Measures surface or ground conductivity
  • Compact and user friendly

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By measuring the surface resistance of materials normally considered to be electrically non conductive and indicating the degree of sprayability on a standard scale, the Sprayability/Paint Test Meter can determine whether such materials can be electrostatically sprayed.

  • Digital multi-scale meter with integrated Sprayability meter
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Gun output test leads for short circuit current (SCI)
  • It has an SCI scale (0 to 250 microamperes) and paint resistance scales (infinity to 0.01 and 2.0 to 0.001 in megohms)
  • Certified as ASTM standard
  • Measures kV and surface sprayability in one meter
  • Measures all types of electrostatic equipment
  • Accurately displays throughout the entire measurement range
  • Probes certified to ISO standards from the factory
  • The kV High Voltage Test Probe provides an accurate way to check electrostatic voltage of application equipment. It measures all types of electrostatic equipment, accurately displays throughout the entire measurement range and is certified to ISO standard from the factory.
  • 4 Paint Test Meters options available:
    • 13068 - Meter and test leads
    • 13065 - Meter, paint probe, and test leads
    • 13067 - Meter, kV probe, and test leads
    • 13069 - Meter, paint probe, kV probe, kV test kit and test leads


Conforms to ASTM Specification D5682

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Paint Test Meter and Test Leads


Paint Test Meter Carry Case
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