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Sample Ease™ System

Article No. 11207

Sample-Ease Complete Drawdown Kit

Sample-Ease™ is an accurate, and inexpensive drawdown system that gives organization to color sampling and paint matching in one easy step.

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  • Affordable retail store drawdown system
  • Make drawdowns in seconds without the mess
  • Organize your paint department's formula records and give the customer a sample in one easy step
  • Generate repeat sales and customer loyalty while reducing returns from color misunderstandings
  • Produce laboratory quality drawdowns for visual and computer proofing or for matching customer supplied paint
  • New or experienced employees can make professional drawdowns quickly
  • Each 2-1/2" wide bar has a .006 and .008 opening to drawdown almost any viscosity coating with the accuracy of a laboratory bar, and will not rust in water, or become misaligned or chipped when dropped like an expensive metal bar
  • The innovative 4-part perforated drawdown card is designed for the paint retailer's color sampling needs, but can also serve for quick lab sampling and field work. It is ideal as a portable system for uniform sampling of on-going operations
  • The dipper and excess paint tabs insure a clean work area
  • The store and customer sections organize your formula records and gives the customer a sample of their color, and your store's address
  • Sample-Ease Card is 3-1/2" x 12"
  • Applications: Quick Lab Samples, Contractors, Designers, Architects, Builders, Field Work

Delivery Content

  • 250 four part perforated charts - customer sample, store color sample, paint dipper and an excess paint tab
  • Five 2" wide plastic drawdown bars used to apply either 3 or 4-mil wet film thickness
  • Plexiglass Plate for a smooth surface to make drawdowns
  • Wash up bin for convenient clean up
  • Mistint ring to help merchandise mistints in a fan deck
  • Storage box with a removable lid for component storage
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