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Oilless Piston Compressor Vacuum Pump

Article No. 13532

Vacuum Compressor Pump 0.76 CFM 115v

The Oiless Piston Compressor is a vacuum pump used for vacuum plates on drawdown machines. It features a vacuum and pressure regulator that monitors the vacuum level and delivery pressure and is simple to adjust. The muffler and air filter quiets pump and filters discharge air. The water trap has a float ball that rises to seal off pump from accidental ingestion of water.

$737.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Quiet Operation
  • Economical aluminum construction stretches your budget money
  • Vacuum up to 27.6" Hg
  • Free air displacement up to 1.6CFM (45LPM)
  • No water or oil needed to operate
  • Vacuum/pressure regulators and gauges
  • Water trap and muffler supplied
  • Availble in 115V/60Hz and 230V/5 Hz
  • Standard Duty
  • Not Recommended for pumping organic, acidic and basic vapors
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