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Leneta Leveling Test Blade

Article No. 10761

Leneta Leveling Test Blade

The Leneta Leveling Test Blade, LTB-2, is a threaded stainless steel rod that functions as a grooved doctor blade at any part of its circumference. Produces a film with parallel ridges and valleys in simulation of brush marks.

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  • Advantages over brushout application tests are speed, reproducibility, and a regular surface pattern.
  • The leveling of films applied in this manner correlates well with brushout leveling, thereby providing a reliable means for evaluating this property
  • Has alternating clearances of 300 and 100 µm (12 and 4 mils), to apply alternate stripes of 150 and 50 µm (6 and 2 mils) thickness. Thus the mean wet film thickness of the test drawdown will be about 100 µm (4 mils), corresponding to a spreading rate of 10 m2/L (400 ft2/gal).

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Type:Threaded Rod
    Material:Stainless Steel
    Wet Film Thickness:100 µm, 4 mil
    Spreading Rate:10 m2/L, 400 ft2/gal
    Weight:2 lbs.
    International Standards:ASTM D 4062-11 Test for Leveling of Paints
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