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CeramClean II™ Cleaner

Article No. 10145

CeramClean II Cleaner, 16 oz bottle 2/pk

  • CeramClean II Cleaner
  • 16 oz
  • 2 pack

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  • CeramClean II cleans water, UV and most solvent based inks.
  • This new innovative cleaner will keep your rolls clean and make them last longer!
  • Will effectively & efficiently remove dried ink from the engraving on your anilox roll without damaging the cell structure.
  • Removes: Water, UV based inks & in most cases Solvent based ink.
  • Will assist in the removal of roll staining. (Off press cleaning is recommended)
  • New bottle is translucent so you can see how much product is left and reorder on time.
  • This new bottle design has a black cap and easier to follow instructions.


  1. As with all cleaning products gloves & eye protection should be used.
  2. Squirt a quarter size dollop of cleaner on a clean damp rag.
    *NOTE: Water & UV based inks use water to dampen the cleaning rag/cloth. Solvent based inks you must use solvent to dampen the cleaning rag/cloth. This should easily clean a 10” to 13” face roll. Adjust cleaner amount to the face length of your roll using the chart on the reverse side.
  3. With the CeramClean II™ on a clean damp rag, scrub the face of the anilox in a circular motion. You should not need to use any more cleaner.
  4. After cleaning the entire roll face with cleaner, take a clean rag & wipe off any excess. Ink should be present on your wipe off rag.
  5. Rinse the roll thoroughly with water or solvent to ensure all the cleaning solution is free from the engraved cells. *NOTE: Water & UV based inks use water to rinse the anilox rolls off. Solvent based inks you must use solvent to rinse the anilox rolls off.
  6. Repeat this process as necessary. One cleaning should be all that is needed for the average roll. If your anilox roll is severely plugged with ink & has not been cleaned for a long period of time, repeat the process above until the clean wipe rag is free of ink residue.
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