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TQC Concrete Moisture Meter

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Concrete Moisture Meter

The TQC Concrete Moisture Meter is a non-destructive moisture meter for concrete. The electrical impedance is measured through generating a low frequency electric field between 8 electrodes at the bottom of the instrument,  the moisture content of concrete can easily be determined by just pressing the instrument against the concrete surface. 

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  • It calculates moisture of analyzed material by measuring its electrical impedance. The relation between moisture of certain material and its impedance is directly proportional. Impedance is measured through generating low frequency electric field between electrodes. The meter measures low intensity alternating current flowing through electric field and on that basis calculates moisture of tested material. Concrete Moisture Meter LI9200 does not detect concrete moisture through electricity conducting materials like metal coverings/linings, PE-rubber or any wet surfaces.
  • Should not be used to measure concrete moisture on surfaces which are topped with a thick layer of floor covering material like wood.
  • Meter measurement outcomes show the actual moisture at the time of measurement.
  • Depending on the moisture content the measurements are made to a depth of several centimeters.
  • Though robust in design, this instrument is precision-machined. Always clean the instrument after use with a soft dry cloth. Do not use compressed air to clean the instrument.
  • Four scales allow flexible use of the instrument as an accurate measuring device or just as a detector to find moisture traces or leakage:
    • Concrete 0-6% H2O - Concrete scale may be used only for concrete surfaces. It shows the relation between weight of pure water contained in the tested material with its dry weight. The scale range varies between 0 and 6% as 6% is about maximal physically possible content of water in the concrete. The obtained results should not be confused with moisture emission or any other moisture measurement methods.
    • Carbide Method 0-4% H2O - Concrete scale shows concrete moisture according to the carbide method.
    • Relative Scale 0-100% - Relative scale may be used in moisture level comparison of various materials. Obtained results should not be interpreted as percentage content of water in tested surfaces There is no linear correlation between the outcomes and relative humidity. The scale should be used only as comparison technique. Scale may be used on the surfaces where direct contact with pure concrete is impossible because of some layer/covering.
    • 15. Scale 0.3 - 15.3m - 15. Scale works in a similar way as the Relative scale and can be used alongside meters with the same scale which ranges between 0.3 and 15.3.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Dimensions:147 x 89 x 33mm
    Power Supply:2xAA batteries
    Avg Working Time/Battery Set:20 hours
    Display:monochrome 128 x 64 pixels; size 61 x 33mm with backlight
    Operating Temperature Range:5°C to 40°C
    Scales:Concrete, Carbide Method, Relative Scale, 15. Scale


  1. Press the meter against the tested surface until all spring electrodes are completely blocked. Caution: Do not press the device too intensely as this may harm the electrodes. Fingers SHOULD NOT touch the sensor plate and electrodes while measuring.
  2. The meter should be held in the middle while measuring.
  3. It is recommended to repeat the measurement in a few points situated next to each other as moisture has a tendency of uneven distribution.
  4. If the measurements vary, only the highest outcomes should be used.
  5. To switch off the meter press ON/HOLD button for around 2 seconds.

Delivery Content

Soft pouch, manual
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