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Proscan Moisture Meter

Article No. 12090

Non-Destructive Pin-Less Moisture Meter

The Proscan is a non-invasive pinless moisture meter for flooring installers, lumber manufacturers, woodworkers and building inspectors who want to quickly find moisture in wood products and a variety of building materials.

$500.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Fast, accurate and non-destructive
  • Handheld, compact, lightweight
  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Quickly scan large areas to find moisture hot spots
  • Built-in battery/calibration checks
  • Adjustable alarm alerts you when a preselected moisture level has been reached
  • Advanced RF technology quickly scans wood, drywall, concrete or other building materials without damaging the sample
  • Hold function makes taking readings in hard-to-reach places fast and easy
  • Built-in species corrects over the range of .30-.80 SG
  • Rugged, one-piece sensor measures moisture 3/4" deep without damaging sample
  • Rugged carrying case
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Size:5-5/8” x 3-5/16” x 1-1/4”
    Weight:8.5 oz.
    Range:5%-30% measures %MC on wood
    Specific Gravity:Built-in species corrects for woods between .30 and .80
    Power:One 9-volt battery (included)
    Reference Scale:0-100 for non-wood building materials
    Sensor Depth:Measures moisture 3/4" deep without damaging sample


ProScan is a capacitance-type moisture meter with patented sensor technology, using the relationship between the moisture content and the dielectric properties of the material under test. When the meter is placed on wood or other hygroscopic building material, an electro-magnetic field penetrates approximately ¾ to 1 inch into the material. The meter reading represents a biased average, with the MC nearest to the sensor having the greatest effect.

  • Press the On/Hold key to turn the unit on.
  • Press the Select key to enter Species mode. This will be confirmed by a red LED. The default SG is 0.46. Use the Up or Down arrow keys to select the correct SG or “reF” to select the 0-100 reference scale for non-wood materials. When the meter is set to the reference scale, the meter switches to a lower sensitivity mode which is suitable for a wide range of materials.
  • Press the On/Hold key while reading to hold the current reading. The meter will beep slowly and continue to hold the reading until the On/Hold key is pressed again.
  • The alarm (fast beep) will sound whenever the current reading is above the alarm setting.

Delivery Content

Meter, Carrying Case, and 9-Volt battery

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