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Moisture / Alkali Test Kit

Article No. 12091

Moisture/Alkali Test Kit ASTMf 1869

The Moisture Alkali Test Kit is a calcium chloride test kit that measures the quantity of moisture passing through the slab, on and below grade concrete floors (lbs. of moisture over a 1,000 sq. ft. area during a 24 hour period).

$29.95 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Temperature indicator included
  • Meets ASTM F 1869
  • Now includes pH test kit
  • Box converts to highly visible, crush-resistant protective cover
  • Transparent, heavy-duty (20 mil) test cover has pre-applied sealant
  • CaCl test jar now has snap lid
  • Equipment Required
    • Gram scale
    • 3 (three) kits per the first 2,000 sq. ft.
    • 1 (one) kit per every additional 1,000 sq. ft.


Meets ASTM F 1869


  1. Confirm your pre-weight. This will ensure that nothing has changed since packaging the pre-weighed Calcium Chloride.
  2. Weigh the Calcium Chloride after exposure with the lid reattached
  3. Do the calculations
  4. Send the sample back for the free confirmation documentation and archival service of the test.

Delivery Content

Pre-weighed plastic jar with airtight snap lid containing anhydrous calcium chloride, self-addressed pouch used to return the sample to have analyzed or confirm your analysis, Two pH test strips sealed in a foil pouch, transparent plastic cover with pre-applied adhesive to secure the plastic cover to the floor in an airtight fashion, packet of pH Balanced Testing Fluid, Instructions
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