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MO50 Compact Moisture Meter

Article No. 12086

Compact Moisture Meter For Wood 0-50%

The MO50 Compact Moisture Meter lets you take quick Moisture level reference measurements on wood and building materials. Ideal for building restoration projects and applications where moisture detection on floors and under carpets is critical. A must-have tool for analyzing the after-effects of water leakage behind walls and in ceilings.

$64.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Displays moisture level in wood and building materials such as wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar
  • Audible Alert - Tone rate beeps faster as the moisture level increases
  • Icons display low, medium and high levels of moisture content
  • Easy-to-use, compact-sized design
  • Data Hold freezes reading on display
  • Built-in battery level check and measurement verification test
  • Auto Power Off conserves battery power

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Sensor Type:Contact Pins
    Wood Moisture Range:5 to 50%
    Other Building Materials:1.5 to 33%
    Wood Moisture Icon Levels:Low: 5% to 11.9%; Medium: 12% to 15.9%; High: 16 to 50%
    Building Material Icon Levels:Low: 1.5% to 16.9%; Medium: 17% to 19.9%; High: 20 to 33%
    Dimensions/Weight:6.7x2.6x1.2" (170x65x30mm) / 4.2oz (120g) (battery not included)

Delivery Content

Comes complete with built-in stand, wall mount bracket, and 2 AAA batteries.

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