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Karsten Tube Penetration Test

Article No. 12111

Karsten Tube Pentration Test Kit

The TQC Karsten Tube Penetration Test is a simple test for measuring the degree or water penetration into building materials such as concrete, stone and plaster. 

$429.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Rilem Type
  • Tube Material: Glass, 0-4mL in 1/10th mL graduations
  • Used for the detection of coating porosity (pin-holes, or holidays) in dielectric (insulation type) coatings on conductive substrates, includingconcrete
  • Additional vertical or horizontal tubes are available on request.
  • Always clean the instrument after use and keep it in its case when not in use.


  1. The test consists or a glass tube filled with water, bonded to the test material with plastiline.
  2. Water pressure is then exerted on the surface.
  3. A graduated scale indicates, over time, the amount or water penetrated into the surface.

Delivery Content

The TQC Karsten Test kit contains 3 tubes for horizontal surfaces, 3 tubes for vertical surfaces, a water bottle, marker and putty to place the tubes leak-tight on the surface.
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