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L3P Sonic Sifter Separator

Article No. 13248

L3P Sonic Sifter Separator 120V 60Hz

The L3P Sonic Sifter Separator produces results that are typically only achieved by wet sieving, this device uses specially designed 3” diameter clear sieves and an oscillating air column, created by a sonic wave, to separate fine particles.

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  • Uses technology that dramatically shortens test times, is virtually maintenance free and produces consistent, accurate results.
  • Tried and true for 50 years, it has become the industry standard and the go-to technology for precision research and quality assurance applications.
  • Ideal for FINE particle separation - Sieves range from 5.6 mm to 3 µm Simple to operate
  • Clear acrylic framed sieves allow for a visual reference to determine proper power level and finish point
  • Variable amplitude control - Action can be manipulated to separate particles at maximum efficiency
  • Little to no screen wear or particle attrition
  • Large variety of special 3” acrylic sieves with ASTM E11 wire cloth or ASTM E161 precision electroformed mesh
  • On/off vertical mechanical pulse
  • One-year limited warranty

Technical Attributes

  • Data

    6 Acrylic L3-S Series Sieves
    3 Acrylic L3-M Precision Series (35um or coarser)
    1 Acrylic L3-M Precision Series (30um or finer)+ 4 spacers
    Dimensions (WxDxH):10” x 12” x 23” (25 x 31 x 61 cm)
    Weight:43 lbs. (20 kg) net
    Operating Range:*Temperatures 0 to 120°F (-18 to 49°C)
    Timer:± 2 seconds over 24 hours Agitation Method Sonic Wave (top) and Vertical Mechanical Pulse (bottom)
    *Humidity non-condensing Temperature and humidity should be controlled for optimal results


  1. First, weigh a sample of powder, and select sieves for the analysis. The unit has a capacity of up to six standard or three precision mesh, double height sieves. All sieves can be conveniently direct-tared on conventional analytical balances.
  2. Assemble the sieves into the stack, introduce the sample, and lock the stack into the Model L3P test chamber. Set the front-mounted timer for the desired test interval and increase the amplitude to the proper power level for the sample. A periodic shock wave is imparted from the bottom of the stack to break down agglomerated materials and reintroduce the finest fractions back into the air column. The sifting action is observable directly through the sides of the clear acrylic frames. When the testing interval has expired, the unit shuts off automatically.
  3. Disassemble the stack and reweigh the sieves with the retained samples intact, eliminating the need to transfer the retained materials to a weighing dish or paper for mass determination. All fractions obtained in the analysis are retrievable for further analytical work, even materials passing through the 5 micrometer opening sieves.

Delivery Content

1 Column Lock, 1 Diaphragm, 1 Top Cone, 6 Clear Acrylic Spacers,1 Fines Collector and 1 Fines Collector Holder

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