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8" Test Sieves

Article No. 13177

8" Brass Sieve #8

These Test Sieves have an 8" diameter, and they come in brass, stainless steel or a combination of both.

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Mesh Size (US)
$86.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Sieves are offered in three sturdy constructions:
    • Brass Frame / Brass Cloth
    • Brass Frame / Stainless Steel Cloth
    • Stainless Steel Frame / Stainless Steel Cloth
  • The 8" Test Sieves are available in the standard full height, 2-5/8” overall height, or half height, 1-5/8” overall height. The approximate is weight 2lbs.
  • Each sieve is supplied with a serial number and a matching test sieve Certificate of Compliance.
  • NIST Traceable examinations are available.
  • 30 mesh backing cloth is available on test sieves 100 mesh and finer at an additional cost.
  • Conforms to ISO 3310-1 and BS410 Specifications and ASTM E11
  • 1/8” inch opening is not included in ASTM E11 Standard
  • Guarantees that the permissible variation of average opening as allowed by ASTM E11 is reduced by 50%.
  • Designed as “masters” for internal quality assurance programs (8 in. diameter).
  • Each test sieve is optically examined, serialized, and supplied with complete NIST Traceable Documents.
  • Supplied with labeled storage carton.

Technical Attributes

  • Mesh Size (US)
  • Material
    Brass Full Size
  • Data
    Sieve No.Approx. Mesh Opening Size in mmNominal Sieve Opening± Y
    Variation for Opening
    + X
    Maximum Variation for Opening*
    Resulting Maximum Individual Opening*Typical Wire DiameterPermissible Range of Choice
    1/2 in.12.5mm0.500 in.0.385mm0.83mm13.33mm2.5mm2.12.9
    3/8 in.9.5mm0.375 in.0.295mm0.68mm10.18mm2.24mm1.92.6
    5/16 in.8mm0.312 in.0.249mm0.60mm8.60mm2mm1.72.3
    No. 3.55.6mm0.223 in.0.176mm0.47mm6.07mm1.6mm1.31.9
    No. 44.75mm0.187 in.0.150mm0.41mm5.16mm1.6mm1.31.9
    No. 54mm0.157 in.0.127mm0.37mm4.37mm1.4mm1.21.7
    No. 63.35mm0.132 in.0.107mm0.32mm3.67mm1.25mm1.061.5
    No. 72.8mm0.110 in.0.090mm0.29mm3.09mm1.12mm0.951.3
    No. 82.36mm0.0937 in.0.076mm0.25mm2.61mm1mm0.851.15
    No. 102mm0.0787 in.0.065mm0.23mm2.23mm0.9mm0.771.04
    No. 121.7mm0.0661 in.0.056mm0.20mm1.90mm0.8mm0.680.92
    No. 141.4mm0.0555 in.0.046mm0.18mm1.58mm0.71mm0.60.82
    No. 161.18mm0.0469 in.0.040mm0.16mm1.34mm0.63mm0.540.72
    No.181mm0.0394 in.0.034mm0.14mm1.14mm0.56mm0.480.64
    No. 20850μm0.033129.1μm127μm977μm0.5μm0.430.58
    No. 25710μm0.027824.7μm112 μm822μm0.45μm0.380.52
    No. 30600μm0.023421.2μm101μm701μm0.4μm0.340.46
    No. 35500μm0.019718.0μm89μm589μm0.315μm0.270.36
    No. 40425μm0.016515.5μm81μm506μm0.28μm0.240.32
    No. 45355μm0.013913.3μm72μm427μm0.224μm0.190.26
    No. 50300μm0.011711.5μm65μm365μm0.2μm0.170.23
    No. 60250μm0.00989.9μm58μm308μm0.16μm0.130.19
    No. 70212μm0.00838.7μm52μm264μm0.14μm0.120.17
    No. 80180μm0.00707.6μm47μm227μm0.125μm0.1060.15
    No. 100150μm0.00596.6μm43μm193μm0.1μm0.0850.115
    No. 120125μm0.00495.8μm38μm163μm0.09μm0.0770.104
    No. 140106μm0.00415.2μm35μm141μm0.071μm0.060.082
    No. 17090μm0.00354.6μm32μm122μm0.063μm0.0540.072
    No. 20075μm0.00294.1μm29μm104μm0.05μm0.0430.058
    No. 23063μm0.00253.7μm26μm89μm0.045μm0.0380.052
    No. 27053μm0.00213.4μm24μm77μm0.036μm0.0310.041
    No. 32545μm0.00173.1μm22μm67μm0.032μm0.0270.037
    No. 40038μm0.00152.9μm20μm58μm0.03μm0.0240.035
    No. 45032μm0.00122.7μm18μm50μm0.028μm0.0230.033
    No. 50025μm0.00102.5μm16μm41μm0.025μm0.0210.029
    No. 63520μm0.00082.3μm15μm35μm0.02μm0.0170.023
    *Not more than 5% of the openings may fall between the limits set by the values

Other Variations

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