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Industrial Microscope

Article No. 12023

Industrial Microscope W/In Ret: 0.004"-

The Model 232B Industrial Microscope offers 20X or 40X magnification. It comes ready to use with 20X magnification, and includes an Includes an extension tube that is easily used to change the magnification from 20X to 40X.

$449.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Measuring scale (reticle) graduated from 0 to 50 in increments of 0.002 inch (40X)and 0.004 inch (20X)
  • Flat field; rack and pinion focusing; and a self-contained light source.
  • Model 232B-Metric is available with metric reticle; .05m (40X) and .1mm (20X) increments.
  • The reticle permits direct reading measurements.
  • At a magnification of 20X, the graduations are 0.004 inch (.1mm metric reticle) apart; at 40X, they are 0.002 inch (.05mm metric reticle) apart.
  • Focused with a rack and pinion system.
  • Illumination is provided by the self-contained and prefocused light source.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Magnification:20X & 40X

    20X Magnification:
    Field Diameter:9/32 in. (7mm)
    Working Distance:15/16 in. (24mm)

    40X Magnification:
    Field Diameter:9/64 in. (3.5 mm)
    Working Distance:25/32 in. (20mm)
    Height:6-1/2 in. (16.5 cm)
    Width:2-5/8 in. (6.7 cm)
    Weight:13 oz. (369 g)
    Shipping Weight:2 lbs. (907 g)


  1. To install the extension tube, grasp the top of the eyepiece cap and pull straight up.
  2. The eyepiece cap will come out attached to the eyepiece tube (a brass sleeve).
  3. Slide the extension tube over the eyepiece tube and insert back into the main barrel.

Delivery Content

Extension tube, AAA battery

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