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Brinell Microscope Reader

Article No. 12025

450 Microscope W/Illuminator

The Model 450 is a hand-held, portable reader and is compatible with all Brinell type machines. This microscope features a battery operated, self-contained light source.

$659.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • The reticle is calibrated in 0.1 mm units over a range of 6 mm and the diameter of the microscope field is 7 mm.
  • This instrument is quality built and durable, making it suitable for both the shop and laboratory.
  • A necessary measuring microscope for evaluating the hardness of metals when used with any of the Brinell indenters now in use.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Reticle Scale Length:6.0 mm
    Scale Divisions:0.1 mm
    Field Diameter:7.0 mm
    Light Source:MagLite Solitaire flashlight and mounting clamp
    Weight:7 1/2 oz. (213 g.)
    Shipping Weight:2 lbs. (907 g.)

Delivery Content

Includes battery (size AAA) and standard bulb

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