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Quick Mini Digital Snap Gauge

Article No. 12161

Quick Mini-Digital 0.5000 X 0.0005" 12"

The Quick Mini Digital Snap Gage is a handy, personal measuring tool, ideal for determining the thickness of a variety of items and materials that can fit in your pocket. It is a fast yet accurate way to check thickness and simple dimensions with ease.

$215.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • A large, easy to read LCD displays your measurements in either inch or metric formats.
  • Supplied with fitted plastic case.Great for metalworking, printing, plastics, electronics, medical, auto repair
  • It works great for things like paper and other printed materials, cloth, filter material, plastic sheets, PCB thickness, tube diameters, disk brake wear.
  • Also measure fibers, fishing line, thin wires, glass, ceramic, pin gauges, jewelry and precious stones such pearls and gems.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measuring Range: 0.5in./12mm
    Resolution: .0005in./0.01mm
    Instrumental Error: ±.001in./0.02mm
    Repeatablity: .0005in./0.01mm
    Measuring Force: Less than 2N
    Battery: SR-44 (2 years under normal use)
    Max. Response Speed: 1,600mm/sec.
    Alarm: Battery voltage low, Over speed
    Dimensions: 3.6"L x 1.8"H x 0.7"W

Delivery Content

Supplied with fitted plastic case

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