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Magnifying Comparators

Article No. 11947

Magnifying Comparator, Pocket Model

This Magnifying Comparator has many reticles options. You can use it just as you do any other scale - put it down on the work and measure. When things are small you have to magnify both them and the measuring scale in some way, and this is the most convenient and least expensive way to do it. An optical tool designed to take advantage of modern manufacturing methods to get accuracy, roughness, portability and versatility at an extremely low price.

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  • Transparent Barrel Focusing Magnifier
  • Interchangeable Reticle (Transparent Scale)
  • Measure small dimensions accurately and conveniently.
  • Compare small shapes with established standards.
  • Do many similar jobs in new and unusual ways. More than 60 different reticles (transparent scales) are available. If you work with small objects or expect to do so, you need it in your tool kit. GUARANTEED. It is fully guaranteed.
  • Extreme Accuracy produced through newly-designed cameras which reproduce certified accurate scales on Reticles made of extremely tough, low expansion photographic film. Each Reticle is an original photograph. The accuracy is permanently built into the Reticle, and minor variations in the instrument do not affect it.
  • Can Be Positioned on Objects of Any Size. No depth-of-throat limitations with comparator.
  • Take it to the Work - Easily. You do not have to take the work to it as with larger tools making similar measurements. This results in important labor savings.
  • Many Reticle Patterns. Reticles for practically every use required in metalworking, measuring and comparing, as well as for other applications.
  • Only One Scale on a Reticle. Much easier to use because it is free from confusion of the user which results when many scales are crowded onto one Reticle.
  • Low Parallax. Reduces the spacing between work and scale to only .003" which prevents scratching yet practically eliminates parallax error.
  • Both Black-Line and White-Line Reticles. A unique feature is the supplying of the Reticles in pairs of the same pattern, one having black lines and one white lines, to insure contrast with the work being measured.
  • Needs No Special Light Source. Light is admitted through the transparent walls of the comparator to the object viewed. Any light adequate to inspect a part is adequate.
  • Also a High-Powered Magnifier. Without the Reticle, which is easily removed or interchanged, the Comparator becomes a high-powered magnifier, useful in many ways.
  • Pull-or-Twist Focusing. A unique construction that permits very quick focusing yet allows collapsing the instrument by a simple push when storing or carrying.
  • Quality Construction. Utilizes the best ground and polished glass lenses; the best plastics for the purpose regardless of cost; extra thick plastic for permanent rigidity; Reticles of special low-shrinkage plastic, bound in aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Small, Light and Rugged. A truly pocket instrument, as easily carried as a steel scale.

Delivery Content

11947 - Comparator with 6x magnifier, case and one pair of No. 121 Reticles (no substitutes)

11977 - Comparator with 6x magnifier, case and four pair of No. 121, 122, 123, 124 Reticles (no substitutes)


Linear Scale 1/2" X 0.005" Div Reticle
Linear Scale 15mm X 0.1mm Div Reticle
Caliper/Snap Gage Retcle 0.001-0.050X18"
Circles Inch Sizes Reticle
Drill Points Reticle
Circles Metric Sizes Reticle
Pistol Bullet Holes Reticle
Large Circles Metric Reticle
Azimuth And Bearing Circle Reticle
Widths Fractional Inch Sizes Reticle
Caliper Metric Sizes Reticle
Holes Metric Sizes Reticle
Circles Decimal Inch Sizes Reticle
Circles Fractional Inch Sizes Reticle
Crossed Scales Decimal Inch Reticle
Crossed Scales Metric Sizes Reticle
Thread Pitch Metric Sizes Reticle
Protractor Reticle
Wire Mesh Screen #35-#40012 Sizes Reticl
No. 182 Reticle, Angles
No. 186 Reticle, Printers Point Rule
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