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Handheld Magnifiers

Article No. 12009

Illuminated Hand Magnifier, 2" X 4"

These handheld Magnifiers are classic and easy to use. They are great for the home or office. A great low vision aid - their acrylic lenses give you a clear, distortion-free view for reading small print.

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$88.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Quality lightweight acrylic lenses produced to high ophthalmic standards.
  • Have durable ABS plastic handles in attractive color.
  • Designed for comfortable use in either hand.
  • Two models available:
    • Round Reading Magnifier
      • 4" Lens
      • 9" Focal Length
      • 2X Magnification
      • 4.5 Diopter
    • Illuminated Hand Magnifier
      • 2” x 4”, 4.5 diopter acrylic lens
      • Bright 6 watt bulb and brilliant reflector cover
      • Natural hold switch activates light when in use and allows for automatic shut-off of light when not in use.
      • Detachable cord with strain relief easily unplugs for use with or without light.
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