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LeadCheck™ Surface Lead Test

Article No. 13495

Leadcheck Kit /Eight Swabs

The LeadCheck Surface Lead Test is a self-contained swab test unit which provides a quick, easy-to-use, accurate, reliable and sensitive test for lead on any surface. The patented design assures that the chemicals packaged in the glass ampoules remain fresh until the swab is activated. LeadCheck® Swabs may be used in the field to monitor the collection of lead dust on personal air monitor filters.

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  • EPA Recognized
  • Fast and Easy To Use
  • Lead Specific and self-contained
  • Reliable and sensitive for any surface
  • Leadcheck has been recognized as the only kit recommended for use in the national EPA/HUD Renovation, Repair and Painting Regulation program


  1. When ready to use, crush the two glass vials,
  2. Shake to mix
  3. Squeeze the chemicals on to the tip of the swab
  4. Rub the surface to be tested
  5. If the tip comes in contact with lead a bright and distinctive pink color will appear either on the swab or the surface, indicating that lead is present.

Delivery Content

kit includes swabs, a test confirmation card, and instructions. The testing solution is self- contained within each swab.

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