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Taber Stiffness Testers

Article No. 11503

Taber 150-B Analog Stiffness Tester

  • Taber 150-B  Analog Stiffness Tester 
  • Requires the user to record stiffness testing data, average the readings and multiply results by a scaling factor.
  • The user manually operates the pendulum deflection by a lever control switch.
  • A dynamic brake holds the pendulum in position enabling the operator to capture the unit scale reading.
  • Mounted on tripod legs, this instrument is lightweight for easy portability.

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  • The Taber Stiffness Testers are used to measure the stiffness, rigidity (resistance to bending) and resiliency of flexible materials from 0.004" to 0.219" thick. There is an manual and automated version available depending on your testing needs.
  • This precision instrument provides accurate test measurement to ±1.0% for specimens 0.004" to 0.219" thickness.
  • Materials include paper products, cardboard, plastics, metals, textiles, rubber, wire, tubing, felts and other sheet materials.
  • 115V/60Hz. Requires step down transformer for 230V operation.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Item No.:1150311504
    Size:9” x 11” x 16”16” x 10” x 16”
    Weight:15 lbs24 lbs
    Shipping Weight:26 lbs.38 lbs
    Voltage:115V/60Hz. Requires step down transformer for 230V operation.115/230V, 50/60Hz.


Appita P 431, ASTM D5342, ASTM D5650, ISO 2493, JIS P 8125, Tappi T 489, Tappi T 566, UNE 57-075, CPPS D 28P, BS-3748

Delivery Content

150-B Analog Stiffness Tester, telescoping legs, lever control switch, 6mm Jaw Assembly, ratchet stop roller, calibration specimen 62, range weights (compensator, 0-10 units, 500 units, 1000 units, and 2000 units), and case for range weights.


Stepdown Transformer (220/110v)
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