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Portable Copper-Copper / Sulfate Reference Electrodes

Article No. 15218

8-B Copper Sulfate Electrode

  • 8-B Electrode
  • These electrodes are around 8" in length
  • These half cells contain more copper rod, copper sulfate crystals, and more water thanks to the larger size of the tube
  • The “B” tip is a cone shaped tip allowing it to easily be buried in soils to maintain a good contact with the electrolyte

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  • The Tinker & Rasor Copper-Copper/Sulfate (CSE) Half Cell Reference Electrodes have multiple electrodes available so depending on your applications there is one to suit your needs.
  • They are designed for pipe to soil potentials, close interval surveys, structure to cell, and lab use, and can withstand harsh environments.
  • Long lasting tips
  • Strong body for outdoor use
  • High purity copper and coppersulfate
  • Rechargeable allowing you to maintain accuracy for a longer time
  • Optional Clear View tube
  • Temperature sensor
  • For use with most CP Voltmeters
  • Tip grooves increase the surface area of the tips
  • The knurled nut on a 1/4" rod allows for an easier lead connection (1/4" rod not available for 2-A models)
  • Both the Flat (A) and Pointed (B) tips are made to maximize the total surface area of the tip to ensure good contact area with the electrolyte. Mainly a user preference, there is no performance difference between the two types of tip. While the body of the half cell is printed with the tip type, all parts are interchangeable and an "A" or "B" tip can be put on any of the Models 6 and 8 reference electrodes.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    2-A:3/8” x 5-3/4”1 lb
    3-A:3” x 5”1 lb
    6-A:1-1/4” x 6”1 lb
    6-B:1-1/4” x 7”1 lb
    8-A:1-1/4” x 8”1 lb
    8-B:1-1/4” x 9”1 lb
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