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Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammers

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Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer Type N PSI

The classic Original Schmidt hammer is the basis of every major rebound hammer testing standard worldwide. There are various models with different impact energies to cover a wide range of applications. They have a proven durability and quality compared with low cost copies.

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    • Two types of Concrete Test Hammers available:
    • Type N Schmidt Test Hammer is designed for testing concrete items 4” (100 mm) or more in thickness, or concrete with a maximum particle size less than or equal to 1.25” (32 mm). Type N hammer is also used for the testing of massive rock. Impact energy is 1.6 ft-lbs (2.207 Nm). Units have 1,450 psi to 18,150 psi (10 to 70 N/mm2) compressive strength. Testing Standards for N: ASTM C 805, D5873; BS 1881: Part 202
    • Type L Schmidt Test Hammer operates with significant lower impact energy, making this hammer the ideal option for testing thin walled items with a thickness between 2” and 4” (50 to 100 mm) or for testing small components. The Type L is suitable for testing cast stone components which are sensitive to impact. In rock mechanics, the Type L hammers are commonly used for classification testing of rock cores and brittle rock. Testing Standards for L: ASTM D5873; ISRM Suggested Method for Rebound Index of Rock Cores.
    • Mechanical Display
    • Compressive strength range: 10 to 70 N/mm2 (1,450 to 10,152 psi)
    • Applications: Paper (Type L), Concrete, Geology, Uniformity testing, In-situ strength estimation, Rock testing, Large paper rolls

    Technical Attributes

    • Data
      Original Smith Concrete Test Hammer Technical Data
      Mechanical DataType NType L
      Impact Energy:2.207 Nm (1.63 lb ft)0.735 Nm (0.54 lb ft)
      Concrete Compressive Strength Range:10 to 70 N/mm2 (1,450 to 10,152 psi)
      Electrical Data

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    Original Schmidt Hammer Applications:

    • Concrete
    • Geology
    • Uniformity testing
    • In-situ strength estimation
    • Rock testing
    • Large paper rolls



    Original Test Hammer: EN 12504-2, EN 13791; ASTM C805; ROCK 22690; ACI 228.1R; RILEM TC-ISC


    1. To operate the concrete test hammer first place the impact plunger against test surface
    2. Apply pressure until plunger disappears
    3. The hammer will release.
    4. The scale pointer reading gives rebound value in percent of the forward movement of the hammer mass.


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    Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer - Test Hammer, carrying case, grinding stone and operating instructions.

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