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TQC Pendulum Hardness Tester

Article No. 11779

Persoz Pendulum Certified

The pendulum hardness test is based on the principle that the amplitude of oscillation of a pendulum touching a surface decreases more rapidly the softer the surface. Two types of pendulums are available. Both are based upon the same principle but differ in respect of dimensions, period and amplitude of oscillation.

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  • The Pendulum hardness tester is suitable for both Persoz and König Tests. Switching between the methods only takes a push of a button.
  • Easy menu-driven single button interface
  • The automated electronic counting mechanism is not affected by reflections from the surrounding area.
  • The gas-spring supported transparent draft cover allows easy access to all parts.
  • The spirit level is located on the test specimen. Once leveled further calibration is not required.
  • Design ‘Solid Supports’ to level the instrument.
  • The pendulum is positioned fully automatically by means of a stepper motor. The release of the pendulum is automated through an electro-magnetic system. This eliminates human errors.
  • Visual and acoustic signal when test is performed.Integrated storage of glass plate and pendulum.
  • Menu-driven calibration menu eases both Persoz and König calibration


Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Dimensions:17” x 17” x 29” (430 x 430 x 740 mm)
    Weight:57.2 lbs (26 kg)
    Material:Stainless steel (front plate and small parts), Powder coated steel (housing), Anodized aluminum (left panel), Perspex (draft cover)
    Power Supply:110V or 220V
    Max. Sample Dims:4” x 8” x .24” (105 x 200 x 6 mm)
    Models:Persoz Method - SP0510König Method - SP0505
    Product Description:Stainless steel pendulumStainless steel pendulum with adjustable weight
    Weight:500 gram200 grams
    Pivot Balls:2, made of tungsten carbide,
    diameter 8 mm
    2, made of tungsten carbide,
    diameter 5 mm
    Oscillation Period:1 second1.4 seconds
    Deflections:From 12° to 4°From 6° to 3°
    Damping Time (on glass):Minimum 430 ±15 seconds250 ±10 seconds
    Counting Method:OscillationsOscillations and time
    # of Oscillations: 179 ±7


Standards: ASTM D4366, ISO 1522 (2005), NBN T22-105, BS3900 E5

Delivery Content

Pendulum Hardness Tester, Power Cord, Spirit Level, Glass Calibration Panel, and Manual (Order Pendulums Separately)


Glass Plate Panel Vf2063
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