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Vest-Pocket Durometer 1500

Article No. 11583

Certified Pocket Durometer Type A

  • 1500 Vest Pock Certified Durometer
  • Type A

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  • Vest Pocket 1500 Durometer represents a state-of-the art technological advancement in the field of hardness testing of elastomers, plastics and other non-metallic materials.
  • Time proven reliability/fast readings
  • General verification and inspection can be done in any position
  • Ultra lightweight rugged model
  • Excellent for hard-to-get-at places
  • Precision-instrument construction
  • Accuracy is permanent - springs are non-corrosive, low stress
  • Furnished in genuine leather pocket sheath
  • Wear not a factor in lifetime use
  • The list of companies using Rex Durometers is a “Who’s Who” of American Industry
  • Actual size 1/2" diameter x 4-1/2" long / Weight = 1.5 ounces
  • Unique design for easy use, easy-reading, widely spaced graduations
  • Nothing to wear out or break, no gears, cams, levers, virtually immune to damage
  • Vernier reads directly to 5 points
  • Exact engraving permits 1 point interpolation
  • Holds reading until reset

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Genuine leather pocket sheath

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