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Rex Mini Dial Durometers Model H-1000

Article No. 11589

Rex H-1000 Mini Dial Durometer, Shore A

  • Rex H-1000 Mini Dial Durometer
  • Shore A

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$480.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • The Rex H-1000 Mini-Dial Shore Durometer is both compact and easy to use
  • Size: 1.675" x 5.6”H / Net Weight: 3.85 oz.
  • Small face (1.675" Dia.)
  • Easily fits into your pocket or clipped on belt
  • Increments of 1 from 0-100
  • Great for shop or field work
  • One year warranty


  1. Hold the durometer in a near-vertical position and press the foot of the gauge firmly against the specimen, (but not so firmly as to imbed the foot into the surface of the material).
  2. The indicator hand will come to a stop, indicating the durometer (hardness value) of the specimen.
  3. The hand will remain at this reading, even when removed from the specimen.
  4. To reset for the next reading press reset button at the top of the gauge, and the indicator hand will return to the proper at rest position.
  5. At Rest Position: 90-95 (Types A, B, and 0), 0 (Types C, D, and DO)
  6. Repeat above steps for each use. H-1000 At Rest Position: 90-95 (Types A, B, and 0), 0 (Types C, D, and DO)
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