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Portable Analog Shore Durometers

Article No. 11729

Certified Shore Analog Durometer A Scale

The Economy Portable Analog Shore Durometer conforms to Shore A and Shore D style hardness scales. It is accurate and easy-to-read and is manufactured in accordance with DIN, ASTM, ISO & JIS specifications.

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  • Duromerer conforms to Shore A ans Shore D style hardness scale
  • Accurate and easy-to-read hardness scale
  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN, ASTM, ISO & JIS specifications
  • Perfect for testing the hardness of flexible materials such as rubber & plastics
  • Test pieces should have a thickness of at least .20”/5mm to provide accurate readings that conform to Shore A hardness scales and at least .12”/3mm for Shore D hardness scales
  • Penetrator: Blunt taper 35°
  • Graduation: 1 Shore
  • The test piece side should be smooth and have sufficient area to support the base of the hardness tester
  • Applications - 35° blunt taper Durometers are suitable for testing soft and natural rubber products, neoprene, polyesters, soft P.V.C., leather, thiokol, nitril rubbers, wax, felt and more


Manufactured in accordance with DIN, ASTM, ISO & JIS specifications

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Reference test block, Operating instructions, Fitted case and Manufactures test certificate

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