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Novo-Shade Duo + Reflectometer

Article No. 11511

Rhopoint Novo-Shade Duo Opacity Meter

The Novo-Shade Duo Reflectometer measures Opacity (hiding power of a coating or plastic film), Shade on grayscale, and Cleanliness of substrate or oxidization of a surface. It has fast measurement, single button push initiates measures of defined parameters and uses 0/45° geometry.

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  • Shade measurement displayed instantly on screen
  • Automatic calculation of opacity and cleanliness
  • On-board statistical analysis with graphical trend analysis (graphs available in shade mode only)
  • Direct data input via Bluetooth - instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • Date and time stamped results
  • Automatic calibration with tile validation
  • Compatible with all major international standards
  • Applications: Shade of paints, inks and coatings, Efficiency of detergents and bleaching agents, Cleanliness and oxidation on metal surfaces, Chalking of paint, Whiteness of recycled paper
  • Easy identification and reporting of nonconformances.
  • Software-free data transfer. USB connection to PC instantly recognizes the device as a drive location which facilitates the quick transfer of files using Windows Explorer or similar. Instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as MS excel on your PC / tablet / smartphone to greatly simplify the reporting process.
  • All aluminium construction - enclosure, optics, standard holder. Integrated calibration holder with inpositiondetector for error free calibration
  • 20,000+ readings per charge. The instrument is rechargeable via USB/PC or mains.
  • Easy Batching (shade mode only) - User definable batch names and batch sizes for quicker and more efficient reporting.
  • Full color easy to read screen, adjustable brightness and 6 button touch sensitive interface
  • The Novo-Shade Duo Reflectometer can be used to assess either the shade of a surface (a simple indication of color based on lightness/darkness) or calculate the opacity of a coating, plastic film or paper sample. Measuring using 0/45° the Novo-Shade Duo measures the color of a surface and not the specular reflectance (gloss).
    • In Shade Mode the Novo-Shade Duo can help maintain the production quality of the following:
      • Shade of paints, inks and coatings
      • Fading of textiles and plastics
      • Chalking of paint
      • Efficiency of detergents and bleaching agents
      • Whiteness of recycled paper
      • Cleanliness and oxidisation on metal surfaces
    • In Opacity Mode the Novo-Shade Duo can help maintain the production quality of the following:
      • Hiding power of paints, inks and coatings
      • Transparency of plastic film
      • Opacity of paper

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Statistical Analysis:Max, min, mean, SD
    Graphical Analysis:On board trend analysis
    Power:Rechargeable lithium ion, 17+ hours operation, 20,000+ readings per charge
    Recharge Time:Mains charger: 4hrs
    Standards:ISO 2814, 6504, BS 3900-D4, D7, ASTM E97, E1347, D4214, ASTM D2805, D589
    Memory:8 MB = 999 readings, User definable alphanumeric batching
    Data Transfer:Bluetooth, PC compatible, USB connection, no software installation required
    Performance:Resolution 0.1
    Repeatability 0.2%
    Reproduceability 0.5%
    Operating temperature 15 - 40° C (60 - 104° F)
    Humidity up to 85%, non condensing
    Dimensions & Weights:65mm x 140mm x 50mm (H x W x D), 790g
    Packed dimensions: 180mm x 330mm x 280mm (H x W x D)
    Packed weight: 1.75kg
    Measurement Units:Opacity mode
    • 0 = completely transparent
    • 100 = fully opaque
    Shade mode
    • 0 = black - no reflectance
    • 100 = brilliant white - full reflectance
    Cleanliness mode
    • 0 = No change
    • 100 = Maximum change


ISO 2814, 6504, BS 3900-D4, D7, ASTM E97, E1347, D4214, ASTM D2805, D589

Delivery Content

Calibration tile with certificate, USB data cable, Mini CD containing:, Instruction manual, Bluetooth data app, Example Excel spreadsheets, Instructional videos and 2 Year Warranty
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