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ZGM 1120 Micro Mini Glossmeter

Article No. 11540

Zehntner ZGM 1120 60 Gloss Meter

The ZGM 1120 Micro Mini Glossmeters are portable precision gloss meters used for the determination of all gloss ranges. The smallest 3-angle glossmeter in the world, they measure to all common standards and are available for any application from matte to high-gloss for all industries and especially for measurements on very confined areas, curved surfaces and surfaces that are not uniform, using single, dual or triple angle measuring heads. 

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  • Small lightweight glossmeter characterized by its modern and sturdy alu-design
  • Available as single, dual and triple angle versions; several geometries and measuring heads can be operated at the same time.
  • Easy control, operation and display with the “GlossTools” software directly on a PC or laptop, even the power supply operates via the USB-interface.
  • Modern, sturdy alu-design and high quality.
  • Connectable to a PC or laptop by use of a USB-interface.
  • It is possible to operate and control several geometries and measuring heads with the “GlossTools” software at the same time.
  • Single measurements, multi measurements, specially designed automated series of measurements according to user specifications as well as continuous measurements are available.
  • On-going updated statistics of the gloss values (average, standard deviation, max, min) can be obtained.
  • The “mini” covers all established functions for the demanding requirements of the production and laboratory.
  • Set limit values and reference values for gloss range measurements.
  • The “GlossTools” software enables an easy transfer of the measuring data to in-house databases or processing in Microsoft Excel. Due to the automatic standard recognition, the calibration is once again easier.
  • In cases where the curvature is problematic or extreme  the "R" version of the dual or triple angle glossmeter is needed. This requires custom, made to order, R Angle fitting of the instrument derived from submitted samples.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Gloss Range:0.0 - 2000 GU
    Measuring Accuracy± 1%
    Measuring Sensor:adapted to V ( λ)
    Light Source:LED, white
    Power Supply:USB-powered
    Calibration:traceable to BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, DE)
    Dimensions (L x W x H)max. 3.9" L x 0.6" W x 2" H
    Weight:max. .26 lbs
    Warranty:1 year
    GeometryAperture Opening
    20°6mm x 5mm
    60° or 20° and 60°8mm x 5mm
    85° or 20°, 60° and 85°40mm x 6mm
    VersionsMeasuring angle(s)Standards
    1-angle20°, 60°, or 85°ASTM D 523, ASTM D 2457, BS 3900, DIN EN ISO 2813, DIN 67530
    2-angle20° and 60°
    3-angle20°, 60°, and 85°
    R-anglenot uniform surfaces

Delivery Content

1 working standard, 1 USB cable, 1 certificate of manufacturer, 1 CD with Gloss Tools software, 1 certificate of calibration, 1 carrying case
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