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TQC Professional Gloss Meters

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TQC Sologloss 60 Degree Glossmeter

  • TQC Sheen Glossmeter
  • Sologloss glossmeter measures 60°

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  • The TQC Gloss Meters allow the user to measure fast and simple accurate gloss levels on any flat surface, such as paper, paint, plastic, wood or any other material.
  • They are portable precision glossmeters for production and laboratory.
  • Easy to use, no special training or skills are required.
  • Memory for 2000 gloss readings (max 8 batches).
  • Adjustable gloss limits with visual and acoustic alarm.
  • LCD color display with wide viewing angle.
  • Menu-driven interface.
  • Stable LED-light source.
  • USB-C port for quick data transfer to PC.
  • Calibration gloss standard integrated in protective holder.
  • The 60° measuring angle can be used for any surface, from matte to glossy. For better gloss measurements on high gloss surfaces the 20° angle is available, while for low gloss surfaces the 85° angle suits best.
  • Ideal Finish Analysis Software is included to analyze the gloss measurement results. This software provides the user the power to do all analysis of interest. Trend, Gaus and many other statistical evaluations are possible.
  • Unique double hybrid frame system has been engineered with the highest precision. Carefully controlling the interior of the light patch helps to give the TQC Gloss meter robust and stable structure.
  • Applications: Flooring, yacht and boat builders, paint and coatings, automotive, furniture, military goods, finishing, plastics, leather, research and development.

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measurement Angle20°60°85°
    Range:0-2000 GU0-2000 GU0-2000 GU
    Repeatability r*:0.4 GU0.2 GU0.2 GU
    Reproducibility R*:1.7 GU1.6 GU1.9 GU
    Bias*:1.2 GU0.6 GU1.6 GU
    *Acc. ISO 2813 (range 0-100GU)
    (Repeatability is the variability of the measurements obtained by one person while measuring the same item repeatedly)
    Calibration Standard:Integrated tile in dust cover
    Display:High Contrast OLED display
    Light Source:Extreme low drift LED light source
    Power Source:2x AA alkaline batteries
    Batches:Max 8
    Readings Per Batch:Max 500, non-dependant of number of angles
    Total Max Readings:2000 readings with time stamp
    Scan Function:Yes
    Statistics:Min./Max. / Avg. / Std.dev / number of measurements
    Security:Password protection
    Software:Ideal Finish Analysis
    Size:3.54”H x 5.55”W x 1.7”D (90H x 140W x 45mmD)
    Weight:13.7 oz (398g)
    Base Dimensions:1.7” x 5.12” (45 x 130mm)
    Orifice Size:0.4” x 2.0” (10 x 50mm)
    Spot Sizes:Approx. Spot Size 5 x 5mm @ 20° / 0.2” x 0.2” @ 20°
    Approx. Spot Size 20 x 9mm @ 60° / 0.8” x 0.35” @ 60°
    Approx. Spot Size 40 x 9mm @ 85° / 1.5” x 0.35” @ 85°
    Measurement speed:70 measurements per minute at 3 angles
    Simultaneous measurement:3 geometries
    Power Saver Option:User selectable
    Units:Gloss Units (GU)
    Resolution:0.1 GU (0-100GU)
    1GU (>100GU)

More Information

The science behind the Glossmeter - Glossmeter development starts with an understanding of the basic principle of gloss. Surface textures, translucency and color all influence the visual perception of a surface but also influence the fine optics of the glossmeter. Microscale surface deformations cause scattering of light and divide it into specular and non-specular. This is the fine threshold where the TQC glossmeter is able to determine the gloss at the highest accuracy level. It is common practice to use a 60° angle gloss meter for almost every application. Most specifications specify a gloss level measured at 60° which often deviates from international standards. The measuring angle should always be mentioned in combination with a gloss value.

Sending and receiving - To determine the best light source and detector setup components from suppliers all over the world have been tested. Spectral sensitivity, stability and linearity all proved to be exceptionally stable using the TQC glossmeter.

Standardization - In order to guarantee the TQC glossmeter to be one of the most stable meters availalbe and fullfills all the demands of the ASTM, DIN and ISO standards, TQC joined all of the standardization bodies and are actively involved in testing criteria relating to the standards ensuring the highest test of conformity.

Precision engineering - In order to get the best stability the TQC glossmeter’s unique double frame system has been engineered with the highest precision. Carefully controlling the interior of the light patch helps to give the TQC glossmeter robust and stable structure.

Ten thousands of readings - To assess the quality of the TQC glossmeter we took thousands of readings on certified substrates to test stability, reliability and durability. With or without shock testing the TQC glossmeter proved to have the ultimate level of performance.


Standards: ISO 2813; ASTM D523; ASTM D2457; ASTM C584; AS 1580 (602.2); BS 3900 DS; DIN 67530; JIS Z 8741; ISO 7668; MFT 30064 (exception 45° angle)

Delivery Content

Glossmeter, 2 AA type batteries, Plastic case - Screwdriver, USB stick with Ideal Finish Analysis software, Micro fiber cleaning towel, USB cable and Calibration Certificate
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