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Novo-Curve Gloss Meter

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Rhopoint Novo-Curve 4 Gloss Meter

The Novo-Curve 4™ is a benchtop gloss meter with specially designed optics for accurately measuring the gloss at 60° of curved surfaces and small areas.

$4,350.00 excl. taxes & shipping cost


  • Measures small, curved, irregular and flat surfaces
  • Hands free operation, easy sample manipulation
  • Moveable jigging posts ensure cylindrical objects can be positioned correctly and measured in the same place each time
  • Full statistical analysis
  • Constant read feature
  • Direct transfer of reading to PC
  • Suitable for mirrored finishes
  • To ensure accurate and reliable results, the Novo-Curve 4 Glossmeter is supplied with standards calibrated and certified according to ISO 17025 UKAS
  • Applications include: paint and coatings, medical, food products, dental, automotive, plastics, furniture, ceramics, electroplating, coins, banknotes

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measurement Angle:60°
    Range:0-10 GU10-100 GU100-1000 GU
    Repeatability:0.1 GU0.2 GU0.2%
    Reproducibility:0.2 GU0.5 GU0.5%
    Resolution:0.1 GU
    Measurement Spot:2mm x 2mm
    Power:110 - 120V AC or 220 - 240V AC to power external 9v DC power pack
    Measurement Aperture:4.5mm ø
    Operation:Full color easy read screen, adjustable brightness, 5 button touch sensitive interface, measurement button or optional foot-switch
    Construction:Integrated calibration holders for error free calibration
    Measurement:Fast measurement, results batching with user definable names
    Graphical Analysis:On board trend analysis
    Statistical Analysis:Max, min, mean, S.D.
    Memory:8 MB, 2,000 readings
    Operating Temperature:60-104˚F (15-40˚C)
    Operating Humidity:Up to 85%, non-condensing
    Weight:2.2 kg
    Dimensions (HxWxD):70 x 190 x230 mm
    *A mirror gloss calibration standard is required to achieve this reproducibility


Conforms to ASTM D523, verified to ISO 2813

Delivery Content

Novo-Curve, UKAS calibration standards in protective case, power supply unit, USB data cable, tile cleaning cloth, USB containing instrument manuals


Novo-Curve Comparator Std 60~Replacement
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