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IG-340 Gloss Checker Gloss Meter

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The Horiba Gloss Checker IG-340 is a gloss meter that is user-friendly for gloss measurement on site. It is easy to read thanks to its large display. It can be used in a wide range of fields with easy data output via USB connection.

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  • Compact, Lightweight and Easy Operation
  • 30% smaller than the previous model the IG-320
  • Easy to hold and carry by one hand
  • Gloss measurement values can be easily managed on site with one button one function operation
  • Environmental Rating - IP (Ingress Protection) rates at IP42, when battery and USB cover are closed
  • Can be used for outdoor gloss measurement such as construction sites, solar panels, ships, trains and bus
  • Can be used for stone polishing and other applications where water drops are present
  • Large Screen Display - Indicated values can be easily confirmed when IG-340 glossmeter is placed on the floor during floor cleaning and maintenance works
  • Internal Memory for Measured and Average Values can be calculated saved with a single touch
  • Applications: Car wash, waxing, coating, Cleaning and maintenance for buildings and solar panels, Appearance check for furniture and building materials, Checking cleaning performance, and Inspection for stone polishing

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Measurement Range:0.0 to 100.0
    Display Range:0.0 to 199.9 [OVER] is displayed for values greater than 100.0
    Repeatability*1:±0.6 (±0.5% of full scale ±1 digit)*2
    Measurement Area:6 x 12 mm ellipse
    Measurement Geometry:60°
    Light Source:LED (880 nm)
    Operating Temperature:0 to 40°C
    Relative Humidity:35 to 85%RH (no condensation)
    Environmental Rating:IP42
    Power Supply:AA battery x 2
    Dimensions:61 (W) x 62 (D) x 176 (H) mm
    Weight:Â 320 g or less (including batteries and protective cover)
    • Auto power off (10 minutes)
    • Memory: 100 readings and 200 average data with date and time
    • Data output to PC via USB cable
    • (Batch output of memory data, OS: Windows®10)*3
    • Protective cover with integrated calibration tile
    • Soft case
    • Lens cleaning cloth
    *1: Variation is values when repeated measurement are done continuously in a short time under the same conditions.
    *2: Full scale 100.0
    *3: Please use a micro USB cable. "Windows" is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
    *4: Battery and USB cable are not included.

More Information

Gloss Measurement

Gloss is important visual property of object's surface. The degree of light reflected from the object's surface is termed glossiness. However, the perception of glossiness is subjective and depends on the weather conditions, physical abilities of watching person etc. The IG-340 gloss checker helps to quantify gloss measurement and perform objective numerical gloss value.

The gloss meter IG-340's user friendly interface allows intuitive operations for instant gloss measurement on site. Due to ergonomic and light weight design the IG-340 can be hold and operated by one hand. High accuracy, repeatability and precision proven by more than 50,000 units sold worldwide makes it indispensable in object's appearance check and quality control.

IG-340 uses very common measurement angel 60°, which allows accurate measurement from low gloss surfaces to highly polished textures.

This enables gloss measurement of different materials: stone, wood, leather, rubber, glass, metal, plastic, and various application fields from floor maintenance, car polishing to stone and building materials appearance inspection. Ingress Protection IP42* enables outdoor gloss measurement and use in the fields where water drops are present.

Internal memory can store 100 readings and 200 average data with time and date. Instant data output via USB connection and without any dedicated software allows QA and other professional reports to be easily generated. The IG-340 glossmeter does not need any special measurement technique. It can be easily used by everyone and become your right hand in reporting about performed works and quality inspection.


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