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IG-331 Gloss Meter Gloss Checker

Article No. 11533

Horiba IG-331 Gloss Meter 20/60

The Gloss Checker IG-331 is a light and compact gloss meter that incorporates "one-touch" calibration. It is used for checking or diagnosing coated surfaces, checking building materials and finish, quality control of paint or ink and inspecting printed matter.

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  • As simple to use as a pocket calculator, Transforms Ambiguous Gloss Into Hard Numbers.
  • It can be used at 20° in addition to the standard 60° measuring angle.
  • Continuous reading allows for efficient readings on a real time basis.
  • In addition to the standard 60° measuring angle, a 20° measuring angle is available for measuring high gloss surfaces (gloss exceeds 70).

Technical Attributes

  • Data
    Optical System:Incident angle 60° - Reception angle 60°
    Incident angle 20° - Reception angle 20°
    Measurement Area:3 mm X 6 mm oval (60° measurement)
    3 mm X 4 mm oval (20° measurement)
    Light Source:LED (wavelength 890 nm)
    Light Receiving Part:SPD (silicone photo diode)
    Measuring Range:0 - 100
    Display Range:0 - 199 (resolution 1)
    Reproducibility:±5% FS ± 1 digit
    Power Source:A3 dry-cell battery X 4
    Continued Use Time:50 hours or more
    Ambient Conditions:10 - 40°C

    Main Body:140(D) x 75(W) x 34(H) mm
    5.5(D) x 3.0(W) x 1.3(H) in
    Optical System:88(D) x 30(W) x 45(H) mm
    3.5(D) x 1.2(W) x 1.8(H) in
    Mass:Approx. 300g (with battery)

    - Automatic calibration
    - Display hold
    - Automatic power cut-off
    - Battery life display
    - Over range display
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